Trending Metallics in Tile

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Trending Metallics

All things metallic have been creeping towards center stage this year. Trending Metallics in tile is no exception. Website tells us that…. “Tremendous, amusing with futuristic spirit, the metallic trend is part of spring 2013 fashion. This time it takes us one step forward including metallic clothing with shiny textures and delicate pastels. Metallic clothing trend allows you to create a stunning look without spending too much energy and time on it!”

Trending Metallics

The site announces that “Metallic, cap shoes are the latest trend. Classic silver caps are just as popular as the gold caps. Wear them with skinny jeans for a casual day out. Dress them up with a nice blouse for a night out.

Perhaps metallic clothing and shoes are not for everyone but metallic glazes on pottery and tiles have a long, long history. The Alhambra Vase, circa 1320, is shown below. This piece is central to understanding the entire style of the Alhambra and much of Andalucía for that matter.


Metallic look in thin brick tiles:

Recent tile trends, especially modern look tile style created the need for metallic looking thin brick. The popularity of coffeehouses such as Starbucks, and Peet’s coffee houses all look thin brick behind the counters. This type of tile style is best accomplished with thin brick.  Our Chelsea Metallic brick collection. is a perfect fit for this.  This collection is available in 5 colors of bronze, silver, and dark metal.


We here at Country Floors have long included metallic tiles in our arsenal of fashion-forward products! Yes, looking back at classic metal influenced pottery and tiles can be part of your kitchen tile ideas or your bathroom tile ideas. Our Palladium Collection can help you achieve a classically inspired design plan in metal tiles.

Please understand that metallic surfaces need some consideration in their usage. For example, at Country Floors we suggest:

  • Use an epoxy-based installation method.
  • Be very sure to remove excess grout from the face of the tiles before it hardens in “hard to get to places”.
  • When cleaning these metallic tiles, use non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaning agents with a soft cloth.

These are all very common sense based suggestions. Please let us help you with more suggestions on how to use metallic tiles. There are Country Floors locations all over America. Stop in and let them help you!

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