Two Stylish Kitchen Looks From Our Collections

stylish kitchen looks
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Stylish kitchen looks will be our main target in this article. We’ll get learn how to achieve these two stylish kitchen looks with Country Floor tile collections.

When trying to inject some originality into the home, various avenues can be explored. Some may want to employ the services of an interior designer, whereas others may want to look online for some much-needed tile inspiration.

Fortunately, there are several platforms for homeowners to peruse to ensure that they are getting the best from their kitchen. Kitchen renovation may be an important update in your life. Speaking of the kitchen, there will be concerns about the kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, and tile backsplash that you want to use.

Get The Look: Stylish Kitchens

You may want to use a subway tile in your white kitchen with a pendant light or maybe white cabinetry is not your thing. Maybe you are looking for a wood floor with marble countertops.

There are many styles that people can take inspiration from for your kitchen remodel. But those looking for some guidance, that wish to achieve a sleek and modern look can use the following kitchens for inspiration.

stylish kitchen looks

The first kitchen offers a fresh and vibrant look that introduces a feeling of roominess and indulgence. Given the premium aesthetics of this kitchen, it is easy to assume that creating such a look can cost thousands of dollars. But this is not always the case.

Some of the expenses can often be due to using the wrong suppliers. Of course, those making over their home should not use cheap and inferior products. On the other hand, there are affordable options that still offer the durability required.

Not only does using the right supplier ensure that you have a choice. But it also ensures that missed deadlines are a thing of the past.

The following is an overview of two designs that can be achieved easily with the use of Country Floor tiles. As well as being affordable, the makeover of the kitchen could even add some value to the property.

Materials Used for These Stylish Kitchen Looks

The streamlined and modern floor is created using Skyline Vein Cut Multi Finish Bosphorus Marble Waterjet Decos. Not only are these tiles affordable, but they are also durable and long-lasting. Of course, when choosing floor tiles, you need to ensure that you are using a reputable supplier.

Bosphorus Skyline Vein Cut Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 13 7/16x 13 7/16

Bosphorus Skyline Vein Cut Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile 2x6

Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Fortunately, Country Floors has been supplying flooring tiles for several years and can offer a wealth of choices concerning affordable and quality flooring.

The fabulous vein design of these alluring tiles is a good match with a marble counter. As a mixture of browns and whites that offers hints of modern style with rustic accents, it delivers a space that is open and inviting.

Adding further character to the space is the introduction of Modica Classic Glazed Terracotta Decorative tiles to the walls. Another fabulous balance of modern and nostalgic designs ensures this. If you give customers a choice, they will have a practical kitchen that still stands out from the rest.

A Stylish, Modern and Uniformed Kitchen Look

Those searching for a more modern and uniform look that still offers some original features may want to aim for a kitchen design that is like the following.

stylish kitchen looks

The kitchen flooring and wall tile kitchen splashback deliver an aesthetic that captures the alluring retro look of yesteryear, albeit with a modern twist. The floor is created using Snow White Allure Multi-Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaics from Country Floors. This look is a good match with bold dark cupboards and fixtures.  It is complemented with accents of bronze, creating an indulgent look that is bound to cause envy.

Snow White, Allure Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic 14 15/16x17 11/16

Snow White, Allure Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic

Skyline, Snow White Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic 14 15/16x17 11/16

Skyline, Snow White Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic

Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Maze Basket Limestone Mosaic 14 15/16x17 11/16

Champagne, Bosphorus Honed Maze Basket Limestone Mosaic


How much is spent on reinventing the kitchen can depend on several factors. For example, those looking to design a kitchen that can meet the demands of a busy household will need to ensure that the furniture and fixture are robust. In contrast, those concentrating on a second home may not have this concern.

Not only does the flooring of a property act as a centerpiece of the aesthetics of the kitchen. But it will also be one of the most crucial aspects. Although fixtures and appliances can all suffer from wear-and-tear

The Importance of Sourcing the Right Materials 

Given the example of these two stylish kitchen looks, we understand that anyone that works with renovations a lot of the time will already be aware of the challenges that can occur. It is true, especially when using the wrong supplier. Deadlines and budgets can become overwhelming due to hidden charges and misadvise.

Country Floors understand this frustration, which is why it ensures professionalism is at the forefront of every transaction. Regardless of whether you are looking for inspiration for your next project, or want to enquire about some samples, Country Floors can deal with your requirements quickly.

Not able to make it to Country Floors? Don’t worry. Country Floors understands the restrictions in place. We offer a series of contact options that allow you to get all the advice you need concerning your project from the comfort of your own home.

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