Another Look To Sister Parish Design Ceramic Tile Collection

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Sister Parish Design Ceramic Tile collection is one of our designers talking about their favorite Country Floors tile this month. Those that are transforming their abode for the first time will often struggle to decide on the design of the floor. Some may have trouble deciding on the right aesthetic, whereas others will be more focused on robustness.

sister parish design

Similarly, those that make a living from converting properties may find that despite the abundance of choice. But there is still a need to source affordable and robust tiles that will stay put for the long term.

You have to consider many factors regardless of whether it is a passion project or a professional remodeling of a property. Fortunately, there is plenty of choices available concerning tiles, especially when employing the services of Country Floors.

Being a designer means staying on top of trends while still being able to deliver an original and alluring design. This design must fit in perfectly with the vision a person has. If there is one thing that has stayed true over the years, it is that no two projects are ever the same.

Pure White, Iris Matte Chou Chou Ceramic Tile 6x6

Pure White, Iris Matte Chou Chou Ceramic Tile

Iris Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Iris Glossy Ceramic Tile

Snow White, Ocean Glossy Albert Ceramic Tile 6x6

Snow White, Ocean Glossy Albert Ceramic Tile


Sure, there can be times when there is a lot of similarities. But in every instance, there is a set of requirements that can mean limitations are in place when looking at limited tiles options. One of the most exciting aspects of being a designer is ensuring that there is an option available for all projects, which can still fit in with the personality of the renovation or makeover.

The Beauty of the Sister Parish Design Ceramic Tile Collection

Coming up with new ideas for tiles can be challenging, but it is these challenges that allow me to conjure up new visions that can be applied easily. An example of this can be seen with the Sister Parish Design Ceramic collection.

sister parish design

One of the most impressive things about the Sister Parish Design Ceramic is that there is a wide assortment of designs that are perfect for interior walls. For example, the Field Tile offers a sleek and bold look that is perfect for those creating a space with minimalist undertones. Similarly, the use of this stylish color-patterned tile collection can bring a fun and welcoming quality to an area that still had an indulgent overtone. For more information about “Sister Parish” check this article.

Bring Your Vision To Life in Difficult Times

Of course, the recent pandemic has meant that some projects have come to a halt, and some can find that they must apply new ways of working and sourcing materials. Fear not, as Country Floors understands how important it is to embrace the changes and find a solution that works for everyone moving forward.

Snow White, Fire Engine Glossy Burmese Ceramic Tile 6x6

Snow White, Fire Engine Glossy Burmese Ceramic Tile

Snow White, Night Sky Glossy Clara B Ceramic Tile 6x6

Snow White, Night Sky Glossy Clara B Ceramic Tile

Snow White, Iris Glossy Cecil Stripe Ceramic Tile 6x6

Snow White, Iris Glossy Cecil Stripe Ceramic Tile


Budgets can decrease, needs can change, and schedules need a completely new approach. However, those keen to continue transforming properties move forward positively. As Country Floors, we are prepared to join you on your journey to be at the forefront of design, quality, and service.

The Country Floors group has been supplying the world’s most prestigious projects on time and on a budget since 1982. Our experienced team, global supply chain, multiple distribution centers, and scale-by-volume ensure delivering the best stone products for your next project.

Today, Country Floors has emerged as the leading choice among top architects, interior designers, and discriminating homeowners seeking the finest in natural stone products.

Zoom, Skype, or Webex: Let Country Floors Keep your Projects Moving!

Country Floors is ready to help your WFH specs come to life even as we work from home. Projects go on, and the warehouses of Country Floors are fully stocked, and we know you count on Country Floors for sampling and timely delivery of materials.

Just chat online with our dedicated team, email or call your nearest showroom or your designated A&D services rep (list below), and Country Floors will set up a time to put on our bunny slippers and take you through the possibilities online.

As always, Country Floors is at your service as we are all in it together to keep the design industry moving ahead.

Free Samples Available on Request

Free samples are available to qualified architects and designers. We want to make sure you find the perfect match. Tell us about your project, and we will send you a free sample.

Country Floors understands the importance of person-to-person, individualized service. That is why we pair you with a dedicated representative to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Get in contact today and discover the locations we’re here to assist.

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