Wellness & Ceramic Tile

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Wellness & Ceramic Tile is quite the topic when you break it down into pieces. Wellness, in and of itself, bears some unpacking. At the very least, you must consider the physical/tactile and the emotional/psychological. Both of these parts assume a relative level of health. So let’s take a swing at Wellness & Ceramic Tile.

We recently came across a fine post from Country Living that, more or less, covered the topic of wellness in your home via interior design planning. We will riff on that a bit with the topics below:

Hygiene – Ceramic Tile is rightfully lauded for its inherent hygienic values. Consider for a moment the sheer quantity of glazed ceramic tile you will observe in medical facilities. This tells you something. That lesson can be applied to your home also. Glazed tile checks lots of boxes to ease of clean-up, gives off no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), does not harbor bacteria, etc. This one is easy for overall wellness.

Gelosia, Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

Color as Atmosphere – The psychology of color has long been one of our favorites, let’s take a little bit of that from the Country Living piece. They offered three concrete observations, “opt for accents of yellow to promote creativity”, “green drives regeneration and renewal”, and “bold bright hues including turquoise, fuchsia, and tangerine are the ones which are set to energize the mood”. Our Turquoise Collection is below.

Quartz Aquamarine, Tanzanite Turquoise, Glossy Loom Glass Mosaic

Comfort is Rewarding – We all know the challenges of living in 2018. There is no need to go down that labyrinthian tunnel of a rabbit hole. Rather, suffice it to say, returning to the comfort and sanctuary of your home is of paramount importance. Glazed ceramic tile is cool and welcoming, particularly in the case of calming Azulejos (blue tiles) as shown below from our Miradouro Portuguese Tile.

Seixas, Blue & Yellow Glazed Ceramic Tile

At this juncture, we believe that the point is made. Crisp, clean, calming ceramic tile adds immeasurably to wellness in the home. As always, thanks for reading.

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