Three Tile Trends Now

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As we roam around the blogosphere, we discover a series of tile trends that are being put forth from blogger to blogger to blogger and also from media outlet to media outlet to media outlet.  We have compiled what we think was learned, and what Country Floors is particularly adept at, into this blog post: Three Tile Trends Now.

Minimalist glazed tiles –  Color helps create mood and mood influences lifestyle. The psychology of color is a topic in and of itself, but today, authentic hand-painted designs in traditional blue and white and polychrome colors exemplify delftware ceramics everywhere to be seen. Take a peak above at the Country Floors, Delft Ceramic Tiles which epitomizes saturated color.

delft tiles

Compelling Shapes – We have said many times how important shape can be in any design plan. This is perhaps true more now than ever as designers and homeowners seek a visual “outside of the square” literally and figuratively. In the case of our Taos Waterjet Collection above, the shapes are created by the technology of the waterjet machine rendering tile in natural stone.

beige mosaic floor tile

Curated Kitchen Backsplashes – By curated, we mean carefully considered shapes, colors, and patterns that are clearly meant to make a lasting statement. The kitchen continues to be the focal point of most family life and is an essential element for the much-desired, “work-life balance”. Classic blue tiles or, “azulejos”, provide all the elements needed for a finely selected backsplash in your home. This is the Faience Collection.

backsplash between oven and range hood tile

As always, thanks for reading about Three Tile Trends Now!

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