Where to Use Porcelain Tiles to Enhance Your Home

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Porcelain is the longtime favorite of interior designers. We utilize porcelain tiles to create a softer look and reflect natural light perfectly. Far easier to install than some stone tiling materials, porcelain is lightweight, practical, and importantly, stress-free.

Why Do Designers Use Porcelain Tiles?

At a price point far more affordable than marble, you also are more likely to see higher consistency in veining and color when opting for a porcelain tile.  Marble is slightly more porous. This means it can soak up the liquid. This results in permanent staining and irregular coloring. But, porcelain’s durability and glaze mean it stays looking bright and beautiful for far longer.

Where to Use Porcelain Tiles to Enhance Your Home

Its unique combination of robust long-lasting material, and unabashed ability to perform as both a gorgeous façade or foundation for curating any space, make it suitable for use in just about any room in your home. This is another reason why it’s a favorite of interior designers. Of course, the more common use for porcelain tiling is throughout bathrooms and kitchens, and as a great transitionary flooring for indoor/outdoor dining rooms.

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Porcelain for a living room, or main family space, while not most peoples’ first idea, gives a stunning contemporary look to an area. And as we already know, in a busy family home, porcelain performs much better than most other unpolished, expensive materials. The uncommon nature of porcelain in a living room can help to give your particular space some edge, This is especially true if this is the solo use for porcelain within your home.

What Makes our Country Floors Porcelain So Perfect?

These tiles are available with a range of complementary products. As Country Floors, we crafted these porcelain tiles to the highest quality. Their affordability means porcelain is the easiest way to elevate an interior in your home, so let’s take a look at some of the porcelain tiles available through Country Floors, so you can get some ideas as to how designers have been utilizing our beautiful porcelain tiling for over 50 years.


Albatros Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Albatros Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile


Calacatta polished porcelain tiles sport minimal veining and those that do appear are wide, asymmetric, and muted gray in color, adding character to both the tiling and the room they are installed in. The entirely organic look calls to mind images of tree branches. It looks like it is paired with natural elements, flowers, and house plants. It is also in harmony with wooden and minimalist furniture and fixtures. This pristinely polished, white color flooring glistens and acts as the perfect tie-together.


Bianco Statuario Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile 24x24

Bianco Statuario Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile


Bianca statuario polished porcelain tiles have starkly contrasted veins that create a true statement tile, the likes of which are somewhat rare where porcelain tiling is considered. The bold veining sits on a bed of slightly fainter, thinner cracking. And, of course, the beautiful white color remains the center of attention. Despite the differing colors, the look is cohesive. It is also available in a tile covering an area of 3.88 square feet. This is one of the most affordable options for the room of your dreams.


Carrara Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Carrara Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile


Carrara polished tiles easily cultivate a gentle flow from one space into another throughout your home or office, with the softest porcelain design in our collection. Perfect if you have never dabbled in stone tiling prior, the delicate, translucent gray veining that flows through these tiles is one of the easiest foundations to use when matching with statement furniture pieces or creating a gentler space altogether. This particular tile covers an area of 1.94 square feet. The Carrara polished porcelain tiling is the safest bet if you want to create a sublime sense of connectedness throughout your abode.



This tile is perhaps the most akin to the veining of genuine naturally occurring marble. The Statuario gold porcelain tiles cover the standard 2.94 square footage area. The abundance of thin, exquisite, asymmetric veining, combining organic placements of light gray and brown hues, creates a glow against their white base. The intricacy, combined with the wispy overall look of these veins is perfect for flooring or walls in any space.

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A Note From Our Designers

Earthy palettes can create a warm and relaxing living space; however, using too many similar tones can make your room feel a little drab. To avoid this, balance out space with a combination of warm and cool tones. And then break up dark colors with accent shades. Indoor plants are ideal for adding a pop of color while still keeping that natural vibe. Finish the look with plenty of textured soft furnishings and accessories.

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