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White Marble: The Cool Neutral of 2014

snow white marble bathroom tile
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It was hard not to notice that this year, 2014, the industry was all about cool neutrals. A prime example was the classic white marble. This ultra-chic must-have was revamped with new finishes, textures, and thickness. Offering a crisp clean slate, from wall coverings, floorings backslashes to counter tops, white marble seems to be the choice for homeowners and designers.  A quick look at Country Floors‘ new arrivals 2014 portfolio reveals;  sophistication, simplicity, softness, luxurious beauty, classics to traditional and modern to bold finishes.


Aspen White Honed or Polished Collection

White marble bedroom wall

Evokes imagery of snow-covered dense forestry and lushly contoured mountain slopes. The classic white color value is slightly less formal due to the softly honed finish. This allows for sophisticated yet simple applications. Also, you can check out our Aspen White Polished Collection.


Calacatta Gold Modern Honed and Modern Polished Collection

white marble kitchen backsplash

This collection is bold, modern, and sophisticated. Originating from Italy, this luxurious marble goes from traditional to modern with its distinctive bold grey veining, non-traditional mosaic, and molding options. This beautiful marble is sure to change any room from ordinary to noteworthy.


Silver Clouds Polished Collection

white marble flooring

This collection represents a mix of refined marble and design element, ranging from traditional to contemporary thru a very unique colored Stone.


Silver Shadow Modern Honed

white marble kitchen flooring

Offers options for precision cut sizes and shapes as well as the superb creation of mosaic tiles in artistic styles. This product is optimized for coordinated floor, wall, and countertop applications in both residential and commercial settings.


Snow White Collection

white marble kitchen wall
The combination of natural marble with the classic and traditional shades of grey and white results in a legacy material. Integrated with both classic and contemporary shapes and sizes in the art of mosaics make it an immemorial design. Also, Snow White Polished Collection is available, as well.



white marble living room flooring
Skyline polished marble with varying shades of milky snow and cool silvers is destined to be a part of the modernist’s chic space. With a backdrop of stream-lined tiles or polished mosaics, the appeal of the material has the ability to transform any space from bland to electric. Skyline Honed Marble Collection is also available in our online shop.

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