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15 Chic Spanish Tile Ideas and Installation Tips

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A classic interior design look, Spanish tile is harmonious and stunning. Known for its Mediterranean-inspired hues, it consists of brilliant blues, vibrant yellows and reds, and saturated splashes of white and cream. Perfect for the recent rise in warm tones and classic nature-inspired styles, Spanish tile is a trend that is here to stay.

Read on to get our 15 design ideas for stylish Spanish tiles and learn our tips and tricks on installing and maintaining them.

What Is Spanish Tile?

Its traditional designs and patterns evoke historic designs developed by Spanish and Meditteranean artisans throughout centuries. Spanish tile has a unique look due to its multicultural influences, which draw upon Spanish, Portuguese, and Moroccan designs, resulting in a look that is utterly distinct.


Traditional Spanish tile designs include arabesque details, cross motifs, and nature-inspired patterns like flowers and leaves. However, nowadays there is a range of modern Spanish tiles that combine traditional patterns with contemporary styles. Black and white Spanish tiles have become a popular trend in recent years.


Traditionally, artisans have carefully created Spanish tiles using natural materials, making either Spanish ceramic tiles or Spanish terracotta tiles. These tiles are typically glazed with a gleaming colorful sheen. However, modern innovations in tile design have resulted in different materials being used to create Spanish tiles. Today, Spanish porcelain tiles are also available.

Installing Spanish Tile

When it comes to installing Spanish tiles, it is important to treat the tiles gently and carefully. Spanish tiles are often made out of either ceramic or terracotta, which are both durable materials but can break if dropped. Therefore, we always recommend buying extra tiles when planning your renovation to account for any mistakes.

Where to install Spanish tiles

Spanish tiles can be installed in almost any interior residential or commercial wall flooring application. Some Spanish terracotta tiles can even be installed outside, as long as the temperature and weather are suitable.

Spanish tile backsplash: Perfect for a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere, Spanish backsplash tiles are not only stylish but practical too. Spanish ceramic tiles are incredibly easy to clean, effortless, and will last a long time.

Spanish tile floor: Imagine transforming your space into a hacienda-style paradise with Spanish tile flooring. We suggest going with Spanish terracotta tiles since they’re durable, hardwearing and hold up against the heat.

Spanish tile bathroom: One of the best things about Spanish tiles is their versatility. If you prefer a cool-toned bathroom, go for a blue-and-white Spanish tile design. Or, add some warmth with an earthy Spanish bathroom tile.

Spanish tile fireplace: A Spanish tile fireplace is a great way to instantly upgrade your living room and transform it into an arty and stylish space. Ceramic, terracotta, and porcelain Spanish tiles all are resistant to heat, making them a great choice for fireplace installations.

Spanish pool tile: If you love a Mediterranean garden design, then consider going for a Spanish pool tile for your backyard. A sealed, moisture-resistant tile like sealed ceramic, terracotta, and porcelain are great options. Just make sure they don’t have a glossy finish since it can be slippery when wet.

15 Marvelous Spanish Tiles

1. Maroc Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tile

ma20 Glazed Ceramic Tile


ma23 Glazed Ceramic Tile


ma16 Glazed Ceramic Tile


The Maroc Glazed Ceramic Tile is a strikingly colorful Spanish tile that’s perfect for those who don’t shy away from colors. Be immersed in the saturated blue, white, yellow, and green hues of this tile. The tiles of the Maroc Collection have vibrant Majolica-style designs that are common throughout Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Tunisia.

2. Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tiles

Casal Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


Gelosia Glazed Ceramic Tile


249a2 Gelosia Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


Part of the Miradouro Glazed Ceramic Collection, this classic blue-and-white tile draws inspiration from the rich contrasting patterns of traditional Portuguese tiles.

3. Manta Crackled Ceramic Tile

spanish tile backsplash

Bold shades of blue and red make up the textile-inspired pattern of the Manta Crackled Ceramic Tile. Inspired by traditional Spanish textile designs, this Spanish backsplash tile looks incredible when paired with a white marble countertop.

4. Picket Ohs Waxed Terracotta Tile

spanish tile floor

Picket Vtg Glazed Terracotta Tile


Basilica Glazed Terracotta Tile


6 Engraved Waxed Terracotta Tile


The understated pattern of the Picket Ohs Waxed Terracotta Tile mimics the classic earthy tiles of Spanish haciendas and villas. It is part of the Pedralbes Collection, which is named after a fourteenth-century monastery in Barcelona.

5. Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tile bathroom

The delicate floral design of this blue glazed ceramic tile is inspired by the brilliant blue-and-white tiles often adorning houses along the Meditteranean. A gorgeous Spanish backsplash tile, this ceramic tile is charming and classic.

6. Manorca Crackled Ceramic Tile

spanish mosaic tile

Part of the Mallorca Ceramic Collection, the Manorca Crackled Ceramic Tile is a boldly patterned blue-and-white modern Spanish tile inspired by the Lenguas Mallorquinas textile weaving style, which is known for its bold printed patterns.

7. Moresque Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tile floors

Design 159-b Glazed Ceramic Tile


Design 158 Glazed Ceramic Tile


Design 153 Glazed Ceramic Tile


Inspired by the traditional Moor tiles in the Alhambra, this Moresque Glazed Ceramic Tile has a symmetrical crest pattern in vivid shades of red, yellow, and green.

8. India Crackled Ceramic Tile

spanish floor tiles

Indigo Wash India Glossy Ceramic Tile


Vintage Linen India Glossy Ceramic Tile


Vintage Linen Tulips Glossy Ceramic Tile


The intricate design of this India Crackled Ceramic Tile has incredibly rich tones that form a piece of art as a Spanish wall tile or Spanish backsplash tile.

9. Rustic Brown Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish backsplash tile

134r B Grape Relief Glazed Ceramic Tile


44rb B Rustic Glazed Ceramic Tile


124 Flower Pot Panel Glazed Ceramic Tile


If you’re seeking something more simple, consider this earthy Rustic Brown Glazed Spanish tile that recalls the interiors of Spanish villas. It’s perfect for a Spanish tile backsplash in your kitchen.

10. Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish porcelain tile

In the opposite direction, consider the Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile, a contrasting blue-and-white Spanish tile with a gorgeously complex floral design. Install this in your Spanish tile bathroom to create a cleanly, peaceful atmosphere.

11. Glazed Malibu X Ceramic Tile

spanish tile fireplace

120c Glazed Ceramic Tile


233 Glazed Spanish Cross Ceramic Tile


317 Glazed Spanish Crest Ceramic Tile


The rich, earthy tones of the Glazed Malibu X Ceramic Tile recall the arid climate of southern Spain. These modern Spanish tiles suit homes in warm climates since they seamlessly match nature outside.

12. Kaleidescope Multi Color Pattern Glazed Ceramic Tile

modern spanish tile

The blue, white, and yellow shades of the Kaleidescope Multi Color Pattern Glazed Ceramic Tile make up the classic colors of traditional Portuguese tiles.

13. Multicolored Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish fireplace tile

Perfect for anyone seeking Spanish floor tiles or Spanish wall tiles, this Multicolored Glazed Ceramic Tile Spanish has an antique, rustic look.

14. Kaleidoscope, Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tile backsplash

Cesta Panel Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


343 Double Border Glazed Ceramic Tile


224 Roseira Parda Glazed Ceramic Tile


Be stunned by the deep blue tones of the Kaleidoscope Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile, which look just like the navy depths of the Mediterranean sea. In the image above, this Spanish backsplash tile pairs perfectly with white countertops.

15. Seixas Blue & Yellow Glazed Ceramic Tile

spanish tile bathroom

Perfect for an accent wall or an additional splash of color, the Seixas Blue & Yellow Glazed Ceramic Tile is for the artist at heart.

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