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5 Bathroom Tiles To Create A Glamorous Bathroom

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Are you struggling to escape that feeling that your bathroom is appearing to feel drab and dated? Would rather get in and out in a flash. Then at Country Floors, we suggest that it is time for you to up the ante and give your bathroom a makeover with our stunning Glamour tile collection.

Country Floors Glamour tile collection is a collection consisting of marble tiles featuring a selection of timeless patterns in a combination of neutral hues. A perfect tile collection for you to create a serene space, for you to escape to and switch off for an hour or two.

Curvalicious Allure Light, Snow White Polished Marble Waterjet Decos 12x12

Curvalicious Allure Light, Snow White Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

Curve Appeal Avenza, Afyon White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 12 1/3x11 5/8

Curve Appeal Avenza, Afyon White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Curve Appeal Window Sable, Afyon White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 12 1/3x11 5/8

Curve Appeal Window Sable, Afyon White Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Creating a designer classic glamourous bathroom, reminiscent of a bygone era is what is encapsulated in our glamour tile collection. Tile is designed with every element of classic glamour in mind, far away from brash or bold, but a celebration of tasteful classic bathroom glamour, that is what we do best at Country Floors and is true to our classic chic American Heritage.

Here are our top 5 glamorous bathroom tiles

Here at Country Floors, our design team has carefully selected our favorite glamorous tile designs that will surely help you to create the most sumptuous space in which to relax after a stressful day.

1. Curvalicious Marble Waterjet Decos

bathroom tiles

This design with its sensuous curves is one of the most intricate in our waterjet decorative tile collection. It is a contemporary play on the classic French swirl and features exquisite white detailing with copper edging set against a smoky grey marble backdrop. Like all the tiles in our Glamour tile collection, this tile is a perfect option for floors and walls, including bath surrounds and decorative edging. You can set these tiles against white ceramic or porcelain fixtures for a classic finish. It is an ideal candidate for bathroom tiles.

2. Curve Appeal Marble Waterjet Decos

bathroom tile

Our Curve Appeal decos features a traditional curved repeat pattern set against a blue-grey backdrop. The simplicity of this pattern makes it perfect for a large wall, such as to create a patterned background for your free-standing bathtub. However, it also works well in smaller areas, such as bath surrounds. Pair these tiles with white fixtures and deep blue towels for a coastal-inspired finish. As the shower tile ideas, waterjet mosaics are trending in 2022 too!

3. Curve Appeal Window Marble Waterjet Decos

bathroom tiles

You will often find patterns like this one in-country bathroom in Europe – they are inspired by traditional, decorative stone-built windows found in churches. This design is perfect for an all-marble bathroom as these wall tiles can easily be paired with large-format marble floor tiles in a matching color. You can even use these tiles to decorate your vanity for a bold yet classic finish.

4. Bombshell Marble Waterjet Decos

These Bombshell tiles are the most minimal in our collection. The clam-inspired pattern and consistent white tones pose an opportunity to create a clean, all-white bathroom. This design is especially impactful when laid floor-to-ceiling, which makes it well-suited to bathrooms with walk-in showers. Add a contemporary edge to your bathroom with metallics, such as a copper bathtub. A nice choice for bathroom tiles.

5. Euphoric Marble Waterjet Decos

bathroom tiles

If you enjoy the classic French swirl pattern but want something a little more abstract than our Curvalicious tile, this design is a fantastic choice. This pattern is a complex one and is best used to add texture to a bathroom. You can use these tiles in quantity, but they are just as effective when used for borders and surrounds. Pair them with pastels, such as watercolor tiles, for added charm. Another charming selection for bathroom tiles.

A Note From Country Floors Design Team:

A glamorous bathroom can be achieved with the help of this carefully selected tile backdrop especially designed and crafted for Country Floor clients, that want that extra special glamorous tile bathroom, that is swoon-worthy of any interior magazine.

Waterjet decos are a brilliant way to segment your bathroom. For instance, you can use these tiles around your bath or in your shower or wet room. If this is the case, then use plain white tiles everywhere else. This approach to design helps to draw the eye and make space feel bigger than it is.

Our design team at Country Floors is on hand in our showrooms to help you create that glamorous bathroom you have always dreamt of. We will gladly share our knowledge and expertise and help you select the tile we recommend. Why not peruse our inspiration gallery and call us today? We would love to help you create your glamorous bathroom.


When your bathroom renovation is complete, you will certainly need to stop yourself from taking two baths a day.

Discover our full Glamour tile collection, and visit luxury waterjet tiles.

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