Meet The Fiesole Teracotta Tile Collection

Posted On June 25, 2020

Discover this quick guide to… Country Floors Fiesole terracotta tile collection. One of our latest designer artisan collections at Country Floors is truly catching on and with good reason.

The Fiesole Terracotta Tile Collection is made up of a beautiful selection of traditionally inspired waterjet decorative tiles hand-crafted from terracotta, combining ancient handcrafted techniques, to create the most stunning decorative tiles.

This timeless terracotta tile collection by Country Floors includes earthy bold tiles as well as neutral options, with something for every home and interior.

What you need to know about this tile collection

fiesole terracotta tile

There is more to this collection than meets the eye. Here is everything you need to know about Fiesole Terracotta:

What is the design inspired by?

Many of the tile designs that feature in the Country Floors Fiesole Terracotta Collection are inspired by European architecture, with hues and patterns created using references from buildings throughout Italy. There are also some pared-back styles inspired by French design, such as the Carrara Matte Mel Rilievo Decos.

Where can I use these tiles?

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Fiore Tudor Semplice Cotto Nero Matte Terracotta Waterjet Decos


Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Copa Cotto Matte Terracotta Waterjet Decos


Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Isolde Matte Terracotta Waterjet Decos

Size:13 5/8x13 5/8

This terracotta tile collection is suitable for all interior applications, including walls and floors in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. You can even use terracotta tiles to create a decorative window and door surrounds. Not only is it suitable for residential interiors it has a vast scope for commercial interiors, but that will also stand the test of time.

How do I create a feature using these tiles?

The artisan bold patterns featured on these terracotta tiles are perfect for feature walls. You can use these tiles for your kitchen spashback to backsplash, wet room, or fireplace to create a truly striking feature wall.

Terracotta Tiles: Part One

Are these terracotta tiles handmade?

All the terracotta tiles in Country Floors Fiesole collection are cut by hand. We then split them to enhance the surface texture and, in turn, age the tiles for an authentic, rustic finish.

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Marquina Carrara Matte Marble Waterjet Decos


Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Marquina Carrara Bardiglio Matte Marble Waterjet Decos


Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Bocca Matte Marble Waterjet Decos

Size:14 3/4x15 3/8

Is Fiesole Terracotta hard-wearing?

As you know, people used terracotta as the primary material in buildings throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for many hundreds of years. Terracotta is just as hard-wearing as competing for many natural stone tiles. The main aspect that determines how durable our tiles are, is their thickness.

Do I need to use a specialized treatment with these tiles?

You can enhance Terracotta to be an outstanding tile. You can protect your terracotta tiles by applying a water-based impregnator that protects against water-based stains, oil, and grease. Always apply impregnator in a small test area first as it can drastically alter the color.

Will Fiesole Terracota Tiles wear over time?

As with all tiles, particularly floor tiles will age over time and show some signs of wear. These signs include small scratches, dents, and color change. Terracotta floors like the ones seen across in rustic homes to palaces across Europe, from hundreds of years ago only improve with age.  But if you want you can slow the aging process by properly caring for your tiles, which includes cleaning using regularly. The more traffic an area sees, the quicker the tiles will age.

Terracotta Tiles: Part Two…..Antiqued Terracotta

How should I style terracotta tiles for my interior scheme?

This depends entirely on your personal taste, but the style of tile you choose can help. For instance, if you selected our Cotto Matte Copa Terracotta Waterjet Decos, which feature classic red and green hues, you may want to find soft furnishings in olive greens and neutrals for a subtle nod to your choice of tile, complemented by natural wood furniture. On the other hand Italian rich, sumptuous fabrics and furnishings may be an option. For that native look go for folk-inspired fabrics and furnishings. In fact, most contemporary and traditional fabrics, furnishings, and furniture will complement, such is the beauty of this collection.

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Finestre Nero Matte Marble Waterjet Decos


Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Evellyn Nero Matte Marble Waterjet Decos

Size:11 3/4x11 3/4

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Tibet Nero Matte Terracotta Waterjet Decos

Size:12 5/8x12 5/8

If you choose our decorative  Nero Matte Evellyn Waterjet Decos, a palette of black and white with silver metallic fixtures would give your home a contemporary edge.

A Note From Country Floors Design Team:

We love this beautiful decorative Fiesole Terracotta Tile Collection at Country Floors. It truly is an artisan tile collection, which can add that bespoke floor look to your interior. It’s a farm favorite with private clients and interior designers, with such magnificent patterns and colorways that have a historic yet contemporary edge. If you are looking for a warm earthy tile floor with that bespoke decorative floor look, then we recommend this terracotta tile collection.

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Transform your home with our Fiesole Country Floors Tile Terracotta Collection. Find your terracotta style here

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Modulo Romano Onyx Matte Marble Waterjet Decos

Size:11 3/4x11 3/4

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Tibet Bianco Matte Terracotta Waterjet Decos

Size:12 5/8x12 5/8

Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Fori Blu Matte Marble Waterjet Decos

Size:10 3/4x10 3/4


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