5 Natural Stones To Create Beautiful Stone Entranceways

stone entranceway
Posted On June 19, 2020

In this article, from the Hamptons to the Hollywood Hills, we’ll discover how a natural stone floor creates a striking stone entranceway.

Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, long gone are the days of the carpeted entrance. Carpets dirty very easily and are far from hygienic and as a result, they are just not practical for a busy household, especially if you frequently play the host and want to make a good impression.

stone entranceway

The best alternative to carpet? A natural stone floor. To make a lasting impression and a grand entrance, then choose a natural stone floor from Country Floors.

The great thing about natural stone is that, as well as being hard-wearing, it is easy to maintain and masks dust and dirt. So there is no need to panic vacuum when warned of an impromptu visit from the mother-in-law.

Country Floors Heritage Collections

At Country Floors we have an enviable heritage of serving clients for generations from Connecticut to Hollywood. Our aim is to achieve that grand entrance floor with that special Country Floors tile and service.

Types of the natural stone floor for a stone entranceway

There are numerous types of natural stone floors to choose from, each with its own benefits and characteristics.

1. Marble

Polished marble in a natural hue, like our Cappuccino Marble, is perfect for large, open-plan spaces. The stone reflects natural light beautifully, which in turn makes a room feel light and airy.

Cappuccino Marble

Cappuccino Polished 1x1 Marble Mosaics


Cappuccino Marble

Cappuccino Polished 2x2 Marble Mosaics


Cappuccino Marble

Cappuccino Polished Marble Tiles

$9.26 / sq. ft.

The only consideration with marble is that it can become slippery when wet if you choose a gloss finish, which means you should keep an entrance mat and shoe stand by the front door to prevent slips and trips. Alternatively, go for a honed finish.

Some of the most notable entrance halls of heritage homes from Europe and America have stunning black and white floors, which combine marble and stone in geometric and classic tile pattern designs. Discover our full range and speak to our designers to create that look you want to achieve for your entrance hall floor.

stone entranceway

2. Travertine

The sandy hues of travertine make it perfect for coastal properties, especially when paired against white painted furniture and fixtures. Travertine is often used outdoors. By bringing it indoors you create a link, which again helps to make a home feel light, airy, and spacious. In contrast to marble, honed travertine is textured, which reduces the risk of slips and trips.

Ivory Honed Travertine

Ivory Tumbled 2x2 Travertine Mosaics


Ivory Honed Travertine

Ivory Antiqued Travertine Tiles


Ivory Honed Travertine

Ivory Pave Real Travertine Patterns

Size:Versailles Patternx1/2

3. Limestone

If you love the look of travertine but are seeking something a little more contemporary, limestone is an excellent choice. Our Britannia Honed Limestone Tiles have less prominent markings mostly made up of light veins in the stone, and the grey palette provides a sleek backdrop for any room.

Snow White Honed Marble (Premium Bianco Dolomiti)

Britannia, Snow White Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Limestone Mosaics

Size:8 Inchx3/8

Britannia Limestone

Britannia Honed Hexagon Limestone Waterjet Decos

Size:5 25/32x5x3/8

Britannia Limestone

Britannia Honed Limestone Tiles


Limestone is an elegant contemporary choice for many interiors designers and homeowners, choosing a suitable natural stone that is both pleasing to the eye and practical. The subtle tones of limestone add light and space to an entrance hall that may be lacking natural daylight or space.

4. Slate

Another contemporary natural stone is slate. This stone is more consistent than limestone or travertine. Its blue-black and grey palette pairs beautifully against white and metallic fixtures and fittings.

slate entrways

Slate is especially well suited to become a stone entranceway as it effectively hides dust and dirt. It is textured which means there is minimal risk of slips and trips even when wet, and it is minimal, which makes the right first impression for a modern American home.

5. Granite

Granite is a great choice for a low maintenance heavy traffic entrance hall. Our absolute black granite tile will add a contemporary designer look to any entrance hall. A hardy stone which can continue to the exterior, to create a seamless floor for a minimalist aesthetic.

Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Extra Polished Granite Tiles


Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Extra Honed Granite Tiles


Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tiles


A Note From Country Floors Design Team:

Large-format natural stone is best used in open-plan spaces. Consider laying the natural stone you use in your entrance hallway right through the downstairs of your property, by taking it from the front door to your living area and your kitchen. You could even use the same natural stone in your garden. So that you want to bring an element of the outdoors inside. This works especially well if you have bi-fold doors that connect your kitchen to your garden, which you can open in the warmer months.

By laying the same natural stone floor throughout, you create a consistent, easy-to-style space that sets the foundation for the rest of your design decisions.

New Luxury Stone Mosaic: The Atelier Collection

Here are some design ideas that might inspire you when choosing a natural stone tile floor from Country Floors.

Talk to our design team today to create your natural stone entryways.

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