Azulejos Ceramic Tiles
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What exactly are Azulejos Ceramic Tiles? We can deconstruct things a bit in order to learn more. We know that “azul” is blue in Spanish so it is fairly easy to make the connection to “blue tiles”. Be advised this term may also have an Arabic root in describing a small polished stone.  However, the background of these iconic design elements and their place in the architecture of the Iberian Peninsula is worth knowing.

Azulejos blue tiles
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In traveling through Spain and Portugal, one is struck by constant examples of azulejos. These range from the iconic majesty of the Alphonso XIII hotel in Sevilla, as shown above, to the extraordinary adornment of a typical home below.

These tiles date back centuries to the historical period that included the first Moorish influence on the Peninsula. Today, their use in America is found across many design plans. They are perfect in selected areas of a modern kitchen and elegant bath. In the hospitality space, Azulejos Ceramic Tiles will make a statement in any sophisticated restaurant or hotel scenario.

azulejos Ceramic tiles
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