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We have posted extensively on the relationship between color and mood. Specifically, how an interior design plan can be enhanced by an understanding of, and apprecation for, the relationship between our psyche and color. So here is one idea for today: Calm Blue Tiles.

Calm Blue Tiles
Old World Collection

This post was inspired by an Australian interior designer named Krystal Sagona, of, who recently wrote that: “Blue connects you with the divine and implies cleanliness, depth, and wisdom. It’s the power of the throat chakra colour and is used to help with communication and negotiation. You will begin to express yourself authentically and with ease”.

Calm blue tiles
Old World Collection

We hope that the two images in this post from our Old World Tile Collection illustrate the peaceful mood-setting approach that Calm Blue Tiles can bring to any project Since 1964 Country Floors has welcomed ceramic tile genres such as this into our product mix.

As always, thanks for reading.

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