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Fruits and Vegetables Tiles

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Very few visuals convey a sense of home, heart, and warmth more than a kitchen featuring Fruits and Vegetable Tiles as accent elements. In my almost forty years in the ceramic tile industry, this style has never, ever gone away. There are always homeowners, and their interior design sherpas, who want to create this ambiance in a space.


Fruits and Vegetables Tiles
Novelda Series

Since 1964, Country Floors has proudly been a nationally recognized vendor of this genre of ceramic tile. Since then, we have always recognized that a certain segment of the marketplace needed some special attention in producing a project of this type.

Novelda Series

It is important to note that these types of projects, which make extensive use of Fruits and Vegetables Tiles, are generally custom work. In other words, not something you go to the home center and buy off the shelf on a Saturday morning.

Think about the overall desired result. Let’s use a kitchen as a typical space to discuss. So, in your mind’s eye, you see ceramic tile in a soft bone or white color. There are individual decors or patterns of fruits and vegetables that have been carefully interspersed.

Fruit Glazed Ceramic Tile by Country Floors

Step one is to select the background or field tile. Step two is to settle on the individual decorative pieces or mural-like patterns. Then there begins the technical exercise of making sure you have all the proper trim pieces. You may hear names like bullnose, cove, bead, beak or more. All these pieces contribute to the final fit and finish of the project. Take your time!

Country Floors has the skill and expertise to work with you all the way. As always, thanks for reading!

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