Choosing The Right Tiles With the Status Ceramic

choosing the right tiles
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When choosing the right tiles for the home, there can be several factors to consider. For some, the texture is an important element, whereas others will want a wide choice of colors. Fortunately, Country Floors knows that inspiration can be important. Yet we can offer a wide choice of tiles in a selection of alluring colors.

If you have a good idea of what type of tile you are looking for but are still unsure of what color to settle on, then why not look at the following for some inspiration?

Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Home

choosing the right tiles

Agora Gray Adds a Cool Look to Any Home

Many will want to introduce a modern aesthetic that also captures echoes of the past, and Agora Gray is the perfect color for this. As well as adding a cool and sophisticated vibe to any environment, Country Floors offers a wide choice of designs.

Those wanting to ensure that texture is at the forefront of the design will love what the Agora Gray Vienna Tile has to offer, mixing modern and antique décor effortlessly. If you want to introduce some decorative features into the home, then the Agora Gray Falbala Tiles are the ideal choice.

Aqua Marine is Perfect for the Bathroom and Beyond

Although blue is a common theme in many bathrooms, it must have the right tone for it to have the desired effect. Aqua Marine is a calming blue perfect for those wanting a beautiful bathroom. But it can also be used in other parts of the home.

As well as a series of sophisticated decorative options including Aqua Marine Musa and Falbala, there are a series of other tiles that can also be used to ensure that you are obtaining the right look for your home, including Aqua Marine Marbella Glossy Ceramic Tiles.

Avant-Garde Adds a Warm Glow to the Property

Ensuring that there is a comfortable atmosphere can be one of the most important aspects of a makeover. Introducing Avant-Garde tiles from County Floors into the home is the perfect way of making a bold statement. These tiles will definitely ensure that there is a warm glow present throughout the home.

Creating the perfect social space can be challenging. But those wanting a mix of welcoming colors that also add a ray of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day can combine these features with decorative textures using the  Avante Garde Mondial Tile.

Negro Rosa Achieves a Rustic Aesthetic with Ease

The appeal of a rustic aesthetic can come to us for different reasons. For some, it is the fall that inspires them whereas others may want to bring the artistic flair of Europe into the home.

Regardless of what has inspired your craving for the rustic aesthetic, you can be confident of finding the desirable tile at Country Floors, including the fantastic range of Negro Rosa options.

Those searching for textures have several options available to them, including the Negro Rosa Glossy Vienna and Negro Ros Mondial.

If you want to bring rustic appeal into the bathroom, then why not consider the Negro Rosa Glossy Ceramic Tiles, perfect when used alone or with other tiles. The diverse nature of the Negro Rosa Glossy Ceramic Tile means it can be used in several rooms around the home, allowing for a uniform style that never becomes tiresome.

Achieve a Timeless Look with Chai Tiles

Chai Tiles showcase just how diverse different accents can be. The luxurious swirls can be used around the home to achieve a warm and welcoming style that is also original. It would be simple to assume that achieving such a premium look would cost a small fortune. In fact, this is never the case with Country Floors.

Not only are Chai Glossy Ceramic tiles affordable, but they are also available in several other styles, including Chai Baroque.

Choosing the right tiles and updating the home can be overwhelming at first. But once inspiration kicks in, many find their creative side soon ignites.

If you are unsure of where to start when updating the home or simply want to inquire about the wide range of tiles in stock, then why not get in touch with Country Floors to discuss your requirements in more detail?

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