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We are all keen to start afresh in 2021 to learn more about new design trends. But the inspiration for a new vision can be in short supply at times. Fortunately, you are lucky to be here. As Country Floors, we know how important home surroundings can be. Now we offer a series of tiles online, that can help you conjure up the inspiration you need to create an original space you can truly call your own.

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Our online shop is open for 7/24 nationwide. If you want to mix modern inspiration and antique aesthetics seamlessly, the inspiration is right now one click away.

Tile Design Trends 2021
Discover New Tiles Online

Design trends can be overwhelming at times. Although there is a lot of inspiration that can be taken from days gone by, there are just as many modern options that offer sleekness and sophistication in abundance.

County Floors knows how conflicted some can be when choosing the right direction. We aim to offer several tiles that meld both aesthetics seamlessly.

One example can be seen with the Antigua 2 Square Glazed Terracotta Tile, which delivers a bold and powerful antique design with modern contours. The easy maintenance makes the tile a contender for those searching for easy maintenance and unique aesthetics.

Antiqued Mallorca Glossy Glazed Terracotta Tile 6x6

Antiqued Mallorca Glossy Glazed Terracotta Tile

Indigo Wash Manta Glossy Glazed Terracotta Tile 6x6

Indigo Wash Manta Glossy Glazed Terracotta Tile

Antigua 2 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile 6x6

Antigua 2 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile


European and French Design Trends – Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

Those interested in interior design will already know how important Europe has been regarding inspiration. So it should come as no surprise that the Antique Mallorca Terracotta Collection has been popular among those looking to introduce style and comfort into the home in equal measure.

Those searching for a simple but stylish tile can opt for the Antiqued Mallorca Glossy Terracotta tile, which can be used to create splashbacks with ease and add a sophisticated overture to the bathroom.

If you are looking for something that is bold while still offering a calming quality will adore the Indigo Wash Manta Glossy Terracotta Tiles. Blue and pink hues combine to ensure that your living space can sidestep the conventions of a time gone by.

Achieve Creative Combinations with Baba Chic Tiles

The Baba Chic Tiles are an example of how influential Tunisia has been in the world of interior design. There are various Baba Chic Tiles available at Country Floors.

Those searching for a rustic style with a mosaic twist may choose the Arabesque Honed Terracotta Tile.

This unique tile offers a stylish aesthetic while capturing the ambiance of the fall with ease. If you are looking for a tile that brings together several elements to create a unique tile that can be used to introduce the Tunisian influence into the home with ease, courtesy of San Tropez Honed Medley Limestone Mosaics.×10/

Firenze Ceramic Tiles Offer Inspiration from the Earth with a Unique Twist

The fantastic thing about interior design is that it allows anyone to create a space they can truly call their own. However, although some may be searching for a rustic appearance that contains echoes of the past, others may be looking for something unique.

Fortunately, the Firenze Ceramic Tiles can offer this in abundance. This is possible because the rustic texture of the tile is partnered with a diversity of alluring colors.

Starry Glossy Ceramic Tile 16x16

Starry Glossy Ceramic Tile

Apricot Crackled Ceramic Tile 8x8

Apricot Crackled Ceramic Tile

Sterling Glossy Ceramic Tile 8x8

Sterling Glossy Ceramic Tile


Examples of the sensational tiles available in the range include the appealing Apricot variation which is perfect for those wanting to perfect a premium aesthetic for little investment. Those more interested in mosaic designs and new design trends can enjoy a series of options including Starry and Sterling.

Preserve the Past with Modern Aesthetics Using the Pedralbes Terracotta Tiles

Hunting for interior design is not easy. Sometimes, looking at the past for inspiration means décor appears dated. But this is not the case when using the right tiles.

The Pedralnes Terracotta Tile range has several options available that while drawing inspiration from the past, all have a modern edge. Those searching for a tile that celebrates the creativity of the past will love what the Engraved Medieval tile can offer.

Picket Ohs Waxed Terracotta Tile 3x5

Picket Ohs Waxed Terracotta Tile

Star Vtg Waxed Terracotta Tile 4x4

Star Vtg Waxed Terracotta Tile

Engraved Medieval Waxed Terracotta Tile 12x12

Engraved Medieval Waxed Terracotta Tile


If you search for rustic tile that evokes the tones of the fall, Star VTG tile is for you. Regardless of your tastes, you can be confident that Country Floors has an option available.

Many people want to face 2021 with a positive stance. Updating the home can be the perfect way of doing this. Recent occurrences in the world have meant that more people are having to stay at home. The home office is becoming the new norm again.

You can work and relax in comfortable surroundings with a home makeover. You can be proud of the fact that the vision created was all your own work.

We have an exquisite selection of tiles in our inventory. If you are looking for a tile not listed in the shop, you can contact us directly. Our online shop is also at your service on 7/24. In order to discover new design trends, visit our shop.


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