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What is “Rustic Vogue”?

This inclusive design plan will be one of the more popular interior design styles in 2021. A nice explanation was found below via Home and Gardens:


This look is a crowd-pleaser, appealing to anyone who loves their modern home comforts but wants to inject some character details into their living spaces, too. It works ideally in homes that already have some interesting features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards, or paneled walls, but can equally be re-created with a considered balance of old and new pieces that work together in harmony.”


Even a quick glance through current design publications will uncover discussions and examples of “Rustic Vogue.” So, what exactly is it? How can it be applied by a homeowner or designer who wants to update the look of a home? What product categories will this style pair best with? Are there particular colors and color combinations to focus on, or perhaps to avoid? What soft goods can be introduced? What hard surfaces, such as stone and tile, will best contribute to this design plan? Last, how much hardcore renovation, with the budget that it requires, might be needed in order to succeed with “Rustic Vogue?” Let’s discuss a few of the tile and stone aspects of this conversation.

What is Rustic Vogue in Interior Design?

There are times when a current design trend may defy description. That is not the case in this instance. Let’s break the words apart. Think of “rustic” as an older home that might have original brick, wood, cut stone, and fireplaces that still have both functional value and design potential. Now consider “vogue” as the contemporary elements that are layered on the “bones” of the residence.  Renowned Interior designer Abigail Ahern explained the style to H&G Country in this manner: “Rustic Vogue is the cooler, more sophisticated big sister of cottage décor. It’s a little more cultured, a little more citified, glamorous, and refined.”




Why is Rustic Vogue So Appealing?

Homeowners and professional designers typically will have an overall vision in mind when contemplating a home renovation project. If the consumer is doing this for the first time, they may want to retain some key pieces of the existing structure and design plan, while still making sufficient changes to make the new space unique and inviting.

Rustic Vogue offers a sophisticated take on the cottage core aesthetic developed in the 2010s but with its own unique twist. Not only does this design approach offer a balance of modern and vintage elements, but it also allows the resultant home to showcase several elements, such as exposed beams, brick, cut stone, fireplaces, and existing flooring.

Considering the home as a canvas, the design team can draw inspiration from both the old and the new. The synergy created from pairing the existing elements with new additions is the very essence and heartbeat of Rustic Vogue. The proper balance of warmth and comfort is accomplished.



Is Rustic Vogue Easy to Achieve?

The Rustic Vogue concept is certainly appealing and is also quite approachable in terms of both scope and budget. Potential clients should not feel that it may be too expensive or challenging. For example, the repurposing of existing elements, as discussed previously, are budget friendly by nature. Bringing color, texture, and light into the project can be cleverly achieved by the relatively inexpensive use of soft goods, paint, paper, and certain lighting fixtures. Stone and tile are a natural part of this equation; we can make sure that you strike the proper balance between cost and style. You can create your own Rustic Vogue with terracotta tiles and dark shades of ceramic tiles or brick tiles. Let’s see where you can have the Rustic Vogue in your home!

Rustic Vogue Home Decor Ideas


Combining rustic allure with contemporary chic, our stone tiles bring timeless elegance to any room. With natural textures and earthy hues, these tiles create an inviting ambiance, whether in a cozy farmhouse kitchen, a chic urban living room, or an elegant bathroom retreat. Embrace the refined luxury and elevate your home with rustic vogue-style tiles today.

Rustic Vogue Wall Decor Ideas


Embracing the perfect blend of rustic allure and classical sophistication, these tiles add a timeless appeal to your living spaces. Create captivating accent walls that become the focal point of any room, or infuse your entire space with the warmth of natural textures and earthy tones. Whether you choose weathered stone for a rustic feel or distressed wood patterns for a modern twist, our tiles effortlessly transform your walls into works of art. Let your home reflect the essence of refined luxury with rustic vogue style-inspired tiles, making a bold statement that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who walks through your doors.

Rustic Vogue Bathroom Decor Ideas


For a truly immersive experience, extend the rustic vogue style beyond walls and floors and incorporate the tiles into custom sink backsplashes, bathtub surrounds, and even framed mirrors. Let your imagination run wild and transform your bathroom into an artistic sanctuary that exudes unparalleled charm and sophistication. The possibilities are limitless with rustic vogue style-inspired tiles – let your personal touch shine through in this unique expression of bathroom decor. As the example above, the elegance of wood-look porcelain tiles can create a rustic vogue clearly.

Rustic Vogue Kitchen Decor Ideas


Infuse your kitchen with a timeless rustic allure by adorning your backsplash tiles with a captivating mosaic of weathered stone tiles. Go bold with a statement-making herringbone tile on the floor, or opt for distressed wood-look tiles to add a modern twist to your space. Take your creativity to new heights by extending the rustic vogue style to unexpected areas, like the sides of your kitchen island or as a decorative border around cabinets. For a truly innovative touch, consider using the tiles as a stunning backdrop for open shelving, showcasing your culinary treasures in style.

Rustic Vogue Living Room Decor Ideas


Let your imagination run wild with a unique mosaic design, incorporating various tile sizes and shades for an eye-catching centerpiece. Extend the rustic vogue style beyond walls and use the tiles as a stunning floor medallion or mosaics, transforming your living room into a masterpiece of design. Consider integrating the tiles into your fireplace surround, introducing a cozy and welcoming ambiance that radiates rustic elegance. Whether you choose a statement-making rug with rustic vogue patterns or use warm and welcoming terracotta tiles, the options are limitless.

Begin the Design of a Rustic Vogue Space!

Take an inventory of the elements in the home that have sentimental, functional, design, or budgetary value. For instance, those hardwood floors might be timeless and even irreplaceable. The fireplace may work perfectly and with a professional cleaning will look wonderful. Exposed beams can also be spiffed up to add design plan value. Don’t overlook an original brick wall as a potential interior focal point. Once you have a working inventory, even if only mental, you can begin to select the new elements to overlay on the existing selection.




Rustic Vogue Does Not Mean Following a Template!

All the members of a design team: homeowner, interior designer, architect, and builder, will most certainly have their own views of what the stone and tile selections in a project should be. Country Floors has always endeavored to feature a product assortment that allows for that range of opinions.

What Tiles Are Available at Country Floors?

For almost sixty years, Country Floors has been the vendor that astute homeowners and savvy design professionals have turned to when looking for the most compelling tile and stone. We have selected a few items below that will contribute to the success of a Rustic Vogue-style project.


Rustic Vogue Wall and Backsplash Tiles

Ginsberg Glazed Brick Tiles

The Ginsberg Bronze Glazed Brick tile is the ideal blend of black and gray and will work seamlessly in various locations around the home.

These bold and textured tiles can help create a bathroom that is original, yet in keeping with the Rustic Vogue style. They are also ideal for use in the kitchen, especially as a focal point type backsplash.

Mashiro Glazed Brick Tiles

Those clients hoping for a lighter aesthetic might be satisfied by our Mashiro Glazed Brick Tiles.

These white tiles offer a rustic texture that can bring a sense of delight and life to a kitchen. They will create the perfect social space for those wanting to entertain friends and family in warm and welcoming surroundings.

Hudson Blue Glazed Brick Tiles

Proving that conformity does not have to be a part of Rustic Vogue, we have a slightly distressed tile with a difference in the guise of Hudson Blue Glazed Brick Tiles.

If you have been planning to introduce a Rustic Vogue approach to the bathroom but have been struggling to find the ideal tile, then these blue ceramic tiles could be just what you are looking for.

Rustic Vogue Floor Tile

Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection

The Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection offers both outstanding performance and design elegance. This collection is a stylish opportunity to insert a Rustic Vogue vibe into a space.

Light Grey Natural Subway Slate Look Porcelain Tile 4x12

Light Grey Natural Subway Slate Look Porcelain Tile

Slate Natural Slate Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Slate Natural Slate Look Porcelain Tile

Dark Grey Natural Slate Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Dark Grey Natural Slate Look Porcelain Tile


Rustic Vogue offers something for everyone. But finding the right version of this style means sourcing material from the finest and most reputable tile and stone vendors. Country Floors has the track record to help keep your project on time and on budget. Now our collections are available in the online shop. You can easily navigate through all the tiles and order what is best for you.


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