Find Elegance And Durability With La Roche Limestone Collection

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The world of interior design is an exciting one. But, it can be difficult making a choice regarding the most appealing tile in the industry at the moment. But when browsing the selection at Country Floors, it is never long before you come across something unique and alluring, as is the case with the La Roche Limestone collection.

la roche limestone collection

Finding elegance and durability in tiles can be tricky. But the La Roche Limestone collection has both qualities in abundance. Not to mention a series of superior options to ensure that your home decor is as unique as you are.

There are many trends that come and go within the world of interior design. But there are some aesthetics that will go out of fashion. Also, the limestone appeal is stronger now than it has ever been.

Add Simple Sophistication and Style to the Home

Those new to the world of interior design may assume that they must take an audacious approach to ensure that a different style is instilled into the home. But this is not always the case. If you aim for a bold style, then there are plenty of tiles that can achieve this with ease.

Elite Brun Multi Finish Limestone Tile 16x24

Elite Brun Multi Finish Limestone Tile

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile 16x24

Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile


Beaunmaniere Leather Limestone tiles are perfect for those wanting to change the style in the home without the finished result being overwhelming. You can use the tiles in many locations. They are perfect for those looking for a stylish bathroom that does not cave into the conventions of the past.

Explore Blue in a Unique Way with Limestone Collection

Some may want to avoid bright blues when giving the home a makeover. But it is worth remembering that there are many tones available, including the Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone tiles.

la roche limestone collection

It is not important whether you are searching for a new theme for the living room. Or you want to build a sophisticated bathroom on a budget. You can’t fail to notice the deep tone and stylish aesthetic of the Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone tiles.

Mix Textures and Bold Tones Effortlessly

As an interior designer, it has become evident that you can use textures and colors in a multitude of ways. Some may prefer to focus on one or another. On the other hand, there are tiles available that allow both in abundance, like the Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tiles.

La Racho Belgian Bluestone

As well as adding a lavish appearance to the lounge, you can create beautiful bathrooms and creative kitchens for truly little investment.

Combine Antique and Modern Aesthetic

Regardless of the popularity of limestone in the home, there are some that can assume the designs available are limited.

There are imaginative ways of using conventional shades of limestone. But there are also tiles available that help achieve an effect with a difference for a fraction of the cost.

limestone tiles

The Elite Brun Multi-Finish Limestone Tile pays homage to the designs of the past while still instilling its own unique twist. Not only is this limestone an affordable addition to the diversity of tiles available at Country Floors but can also offer longevity.

Rustic Inspired Option with Unique Features

You may search for a tile that is bold or polished, while others are searching for tiles that offer a rustic appearance. Or you may look for something that pays homage to the natural world. The Genova Brushed and Tumbled Limestone Tile achieves both of these qualities in abundance and is perfect for those searching for a unique option for the home that, while familiar, still allows for originality.


The tiles mentioned are merely an overview of what types of tiles are making an impression in the world of interior design. Although not everyone wants to get caught up with trends, they can be a brilliant source of inspiration. Especially if you are unsure of what type of look you are aiming for.

Of course, to ensure that you are achieving the desired style you need to ensure you are using the appropriate tile provider. Country Floors has been providing tiles for several years and understands how important a choice is.

As well as being competitively priced, the variety of options available at Country Floors makes it another ideal outlet for those wanting some inspiration.

You may want to start on your next project and are looking for some advice on the tiles available. If so, you can easily explore all options in our shop online.

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