Renovating During COVID? Affordable and Reliable Tiles Delivered to Your Door

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Home renovation can be burdensome during COVID days. But there are better ways to get affordable and reliable tiles. Restrictions can mean that there is suddenly more time for projects. Those that have to spend longer than usual in the home will be keen to create something different. Don’t worry that the renovation of a home must cost thousands of dollars. This is not always the case. Many businesses have adapted themselves so that if you are unable to visit a premise, you can still have access to the same quality goods as before.

home renovation
Country Floors – New York Showroom

We have been providing tiles to customers for several years. We now offer the same professional service online. As Country Floors, we have ensured its ordering process is simple and straightforward.

It is not important whether you are giving the whole home a makeover or focusing on one room, There is always a wide selection of materials available that can be delivered to your door with ease. Check the following tiles.

A Collection of Ceramic Tiles for Home Renovation

Purchasing the appropriate ceramic tiles ensures the upkeep of the home is easier, and they can withstand the heavy foot traffic many homes must contend with. The following is an overview of some of the ceramic tiles available from Country Floors.

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Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile 6x6

Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tile

Black Twisted Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Black Twisted Glossy Ceramic Tile

Grey Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Grey Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tile


Camelias Glazed Ceramic Tiles

If you are searching for a tile that offers a nostalgic design while drawing on European influence, then the Camelia Glazed Ceramic Tiles are just what you are looking for. Simply choose your requirements or make an order for a sample using Country Floor’s simple platform.

Grey Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tiles

The Grey Diamonds Glossy Ceramic Tiles are suitable for several internal applications and are perfect for those wanting to harness the geometry trend.

Black Twisted

Keen to embrace the artisan trends? Then why not consider the Black Twisted Glossy Ceramic Tiles? Offering a quirky but alluring design in a black and white finish, the tile can be used on several interior walls, including the kitchen and bathroom.

A Massive Collection of Marble Tiles for Home Renovation

If you ever thought the marble aesthetic was dated and limited, then why not allow Country Floors to change your mind with its enormous range of marble tiles. The following is a mere overview of the options available.

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White Carrara C Polished Marble Tile 12x24

White Carrara C Polished Marble Tile


Neptune White Honed Marble Tiles

White can be one of the most alluring colors when using marble, but this does not mean that you should be left with a blank space. The Neptune White Honed Marble Tiles are the perfect embodiment, offering a unique aesthetic that brings a lively but subtle vibe to any room.

White Carrara C Polished Marble Tiles

Those that are drawn to the veiny aesthetic of marble will adore the White Carrara C Polished Marble Tiles. Echoing the Italian influence of yesteryear while still offering a modern aesthetic, this flexible tile can be used in several rooms around the home.

Forest Gray Polished Marble Tiles

You can be keen to introduce earthier elements into the home. The use of Forest Gray Polished Marble Tiles is an effective way of doing this. The design of this tile offers a burst of life that can ignite any environment.

The use of these tiles is also ideal for those wanting to bring some ambiance to an otherwise empty room. You can use the whites to get a great effect. But the pairing of this tile ensures that the room is given an injection of life at an affordable price.

Browse an Extensive Range of Tiles Suitable for All Projects

The ceramic and marble tiles listed are merely the tip of the iceberg when searching for inspiration on Country Floors. We offer tiles that are focused on tactile textures and detailed designs. There is also a vast selection of terracotta, granite, glass, and limestone tiles, among many others.

If you are keen to get started on your next project and want to use a platform that allows you to find your perfect tiles within seconds, then why not visit the Country Floors shop and start browsing the various materials available?

Shop the collections now for your home renovation or any other projects at our new online Country Floors store – for easy, streamlined purchasing from the comfort of your home, office, or studio, with our first-class world-renowned customer design service.

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