In the world of interior design, those wanting to bring their home into the 21st century have plenty of choices available. However, some trends are worth focusing on more than others. This is true, especially if you want to escape convention regarding the interior of the home.

One of the latest trends that have taken the online world by storm is Diamond Pattern Flooring. But is it something that those wanting to improve their home should consider?

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Diamond Pattern Flooring Trend

Using geometry is nothing new in interior design. The sudden shift of focus on diamond pattern flooring can be attributed to the recent geometric trend. This trend offers bold contours and unique colors to create spaces that feel alive and inviting.

Another alluring quality of diamond pattern flooring is that it can be used in many different interiors. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a modern or classic design.

However, the success of diamond pattern flooring depends on the combination used and the quality of the materials.

Sure, many people will want to choose an affordable option. But this does not mean that you should forgo the quality or sturdiness of materials, as you could spend more rectifying issues in the future.

Fortunately, there are options available that are not only affordable but also long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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Introducing the diamond pattern flooring trend into the home does not mean adopting an aesthetic that does not fit in with the rest of the house.

One of the classic designs popular in the world of diamond pattern flooring is the checkerboard pattern. But some fear that this is a step backward in interior design.

Although trends in the past may have been boastful to fleeting success, the modern inspiration available is more free-flowing. It injects the love of interior design into every project, even if you only want to update the flooring in the home.

This means that instead of trying to fix what is not broken, designers add some modern flair that still allows the finished project to pay tribute to rends of the past.

A superb example of this can be seen with the Carrara Matte Marquina Marble Waterjet Decos, which, while still offering the classic design observed in the past, adds its own modern persona that gives the overall aesthetic a unique “broken-in” effect.

Diamond Pattern Flooring
Fiesole Terracotta Tile

Of course, this does not mean that there are not variations available regarding diamond pattern flooring, as showcased with several other ranges available from Country Floors.

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Everyone understands the importance of choice regarding interior design, and the same is valid for diamond pattern flooring. There are instances when people can dissuade you from introducing diamond pattern flooring into your home due to the limited options available. But there are many options available.

Country Floors offers numerous tiles that ensure that choice is never lacking. A series of vintage-inspired designs are available that each has its own allure. For example, those wanting to revisit the place have fallen in love with the mosaic design of the Damascus tiles.

Diamond Pattern Flooring
Damascus Waterjet Tile / Talya Waterjet Designs

If you are keen to embrace a bolder design, then there is plenty of inspiration available. The Rubicon range offers several variants of its bold pattern design. The Black and Snow White provide the perfect contrast between the two colors. It offers a unique and striking design that will make the right impact in any part of the home.

Diamond Pattern Flooring Options

Lighter tones available include the Champagne Seashell Rubicon tile and Crema Marfil Emperador. Another popular range among those wanting to instill a diamond pattern floor is the Yildiz collection, which offers several variants of its modern diamond pattern interpretation.

We blended earthy tones and ambient design perfectly with the Aspen White Diana Royal Yildiz. We complement it with a bold white diamond design. A darker and sophisticated finish can be obtained with Bosphorus Britannia Yildiz and the Crema Bella Emperador Dark Yildiz.

The options available when choosing to install diamond pattern flooring into the home are plentiful. But choice and quality should always be at the forefront of your decision-making.

Are you ready to embrace the diamond pattern flooring trend? Do you want to inquire about the tiles available?  Then why not get in touch with Country Floors to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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