Color & Mood…. and Designing for Both, Part One.

We all recognize our personal sensitivity to color & mood. Does the blue of the ocean inspire you? What about fall foliage colors? Do you feel serene with green? Let’s learn a little bit more. The very well respected, Ms. Angela Wright, on her website Colour Affects tells us that there are eleven emotional colors and describes them below:

color & mood

WHITE is hygienic .BLUEis intellectual.BROWN is serious. GREEN is balance. PINK implies physical tranquility. RED is physical.

BLACK is sophisticated and glamorous. YELLOW is emotional. VIOLET is spiritual. ORANGE is about physical comfort. GREY is psychologically neutral.

Think about these for a minute! Now let’s take a look at this from a design standpoint using a variety of Country Floors collections! The use of white stone, ceramic and glass in bath settings is certainly easy to understand. Being crisp and clean, white is also neutral in a way that invites other colors to be introduced in juxtaposition. This, of course, enhances your ability to deliver on your bathroom tile ideas. When working with white, always consider “white on white”. As seen below, the use of three-dimensional molding pieces from the Bedford Collection achieves this “white on white”.

If blue is intellectual, what do you think of the intricacy of the Miradouro Collection?  Perhaps as a feature wall or a cleverly refined accent strip? Below you can notice the exquisite detail of the blue pattern with the ancient brush stroke technique on the solid blue molding.

Take a look at the brown below on the left. OK, this is an emotionally serious color, according to Ms. Wright. But as interpreted by our Riva Del Mar Collection, the color gradations inside the brown value lighten the mood while not detracting from the setting. After all, we are all pretty serious about eating! Pantone recently announced Emerald as its color of the year for 2013.  So if the emotion of green is balance……notice the balance that Giallo Verdino, also from the Riva Del Mar Collection, strikes in this composition below right.

Earlier we spoke of white, its hygienic emotion and its ability to act as the backdrop for other color values. So if you are looking for floral ideas, take a look below at this 20 piece ceramic panel from the Novelda Collection! We can certainly feel the sense of physical tranquility that pink can produce!

Then of course there is red. Do red cars really get stolen more? Do they cost more to insure? Do we really see red? Well, let’s just believe in the science and agree that red is a physical color. If you, or your client, loves red…its does not have to overwhelm. Take a look at this collage from the Novelda Collection. In these settings red as a color value is more implied than truly indicated.

We hope this has been an interesting exercise in the use of color and the moods associated with them. So, keep this in mind when you are using stone and tile to realize your bath and kitchen design ideas. Next week, we will continue these thoughts with blackyelloworange and gray. We will also hear from the Creative Director of Country Floors, Ms. Sylvie Atanasio. Until then, there are Country Floors locations all over America. Stop in and let them help you design with color and mood!