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Summer Style Decorative tiles like Odyssey Tile Collection gets its inspiration from Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. The Greek hero Odysseus is chronicled as he returns home to Ithaca following the Trojan War. Odysseus’s ten-year journey back to his wife Penelope shrines the pantheon of literature in Western Civilization. So begins our post on Summer Style.

Indeed, no mere collection of stone can hope to match the epic sweep of Homer’s work. What Country Floors hopes to do with the “The Odyssey Tile Collection” is to begin a design journey with its clients. We think that it will be a winding adventure in style and substance that will bring ancient elements such as marble, limestone, glass, and metal together. So let’s begin!

One thing is sure. Even a cursory glance at this collection brings white, and white stone, in particular, design-forward to your eye. Influential blogger Holly Foxen Wells, posts that “One trend gaining speed in the decorating world is the use of white marble. It seems that everywhere you look, replacing darker granite, river rock, and tile.” Naturally, we think that is well said and spot on

As you can see below left, two famous white stones, Thassos and Calacatta, are woven together with stainless steel through the innovative use of water jet technology and decorative tiles. In the same design spirit below right, you can see Statuary white marble juxtaposed with glass.

Glass and Steel designs

The cleanliness of this collection lends itself to both sparse design plans and elaborate ones. Perhaps you might want to make it a focal point in a space such as a bathroom wall design or a kitchen backsplash design. On the other hand, maybe your mosaic design plans could get a little lift by using the metal mentioned above, and glass.

This decorative tile collection comes in three different size formulations. These patterns in large module look better in larger spaces like big kitchens, whereas the smaller module looks better in small bathrooms or powder rooms.

Italian marbles like Calacatta, stainless steel, and brass, as well as glass tiles, make an exciting combination of hard surface media. All these materials with different ambiance create a beautiful combination of art and functionality on wet surfaces.

As a design aside, please remember that while it seems that “all things white” are the trend, white marble will more times than not benefit from the addition of color that metal and glass can bring.

Glass Tiles

So, no matter what your design problem is and what journey it takes you on, Country Floors is here to help. Get some professional stone and tile help with your mosaic designs, bathroom tile designs, kitchen tile designs, and much, much more.

The ever-iconic brand that is Country Floors has six luxury showrooms across America. Our skilled professionals are ready to guide you through your odyssey of design. Bring your SPIRIT!

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