Marble and Glass Patterns

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Country Floors marble and glass patterns

The world of interior design cannot seem to get enough of patterning as we open 2014. The appetite appears endless for everything in pattern and shape. There are many diverse elements in the tile world. We can drive this with some of them being floral, animal, geometric, and even preppy schemes. Not to be denied their place at the table are hounds tooth, Greek Key, plaid, and tribal motifs. Each one is aptly adding more to the ever-growing mix. In the stone and tile world, technical advances have made the creation of marble and glass patterns all the more viable.

marble and glass patterns

Make no mistake; no one in this space is suggesting that the use of marble and glass patterns is in any way new. Rather, it has never been so easy to invest your energies into a complicated design plan. Featuring these two classic materials at a reasonable cost in both money and effort is the best option for you!

Country Floors Collections

The Glamour Collection from Country Floors offers ample evidence in both style and substance of the value that technology and tasteful execution can create. Drawing its inspiration from sources both old and new, this collection offers a carefully curated selection of stones and glass that create both elegant and sublime patterning. Each material can assist the other. The glass tiles may “cool” the stone in one instance, while in the next case, the stone in the piece may serve to add greater “depth” to the glass element. All the more fun can be had by the design team in the mixing and matching!

Country Floors will always stay true to its decade-old mandate to be a fashion leader in all things ceramic, marble, terracotta, and glass. You should start down the path of using marble tile and glass tile patterns in your design plans. We are here to help you! To visit us in person, check out our closest showroom to you. As always, thanks for reading, and best of luck!

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