Color Trends for 2014: European Style

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imm Cologne – the International Furnishing Show

The design world never tires of trends and especially not of the new color trends for 2014. We also know from long experience that certain ideas will find their way across the pond to the USA. One of the early events that indicate color trends is imm cologne, a furnishings show with a long history which is held in Cologne, Germany. Reporting from that event for decor8 was Gudy Herder a Barcelona-based interior stylist with a significant following. So let’s take a peek at this, according to Gudy:

  • Red was presented as a powerful and emphatic color for space brightening.
  • Purple had a softer and almost feminine tone.
  • Pink continued to be expressed as a pale color. However, still the dominant pastel.

Country Floors Colors 2014

  • Yellow was seen in collections of more Northern than Southern European ideas.
  • Green and the trend toward indoor gardening were omnipresent.
  • Blue also took on a pastel theme and was used to lighten it.

Country Floors Colors 2014

  • Gray, Black, and White were together in pattern after pattern.

Country Floors B & W

We now see a quick picture of the European version of color trends for 2014. So what can we do here in the States? Country Floors prides itself on keeping current in the marketplace and so we are now. Here are a few of our collections that can deliver the color values expressed above.

The Bedford Collection offers a wide range of ceramic tile colorways in both soft and dramatic glaze statements. Our Luminere Collection gives you 48 glass colors in tile form to work into a design plan. The finest in handmade ceramic tile is exemplified by the California Collection featuring 80 colors. As always, thanks for reading, and let us know how we help. We have showrooms across America.

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