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Green and brown patterned ceramic tile walls

Ceramic tile patterns can create energy in quite a few ways. For example:

  • Multiple pieces in one or many colors can be used to form the pattern.
  • A graphic pattern can exist on a single piece and then that same piece is repeated as much as space and intent allows.
  • Different colored tiles can be combined for ceramic tile patterns that are color based and oriented.

Now, let’s think about patterns from the general perspective of the professional designer. The oft-quoted and much-admired U.K. stylist Cristina Colli believes that “pattern is the decorative design or ornamentation of a surface, usually obtained by repeating a design motif”. Allison Jaffe is an Austin, TX-based interior designer. We recently found her saying that “using graphic patterns in a space can be seen as an art. When applying these graphics to a space, I take into account the size of the pattern, the color of the pattern, and its placement in a room”.

Ceramic Tile Patterns at Country Floors

At the top of this post is a setting that features material from the Desert Wildflowers Collection from Country Floors. This ceramic collection will add a unique atmosphere to your home with its matte finish and harmonious color harmonies. If you wish, it brings a bold and new design feeling to your home as your backsplash tiles, or on all your kitchen and bathroom walls.


Red and white patterned ceramic wall tiles


In further discussing graphic patterns, Alison Jaffe also says that “it may seem like an intimidating process but….be brave and have fun”. We certainly agree with Allison on the twin points of bravery and fun. However, we understand that not all of our clients have experience with ceramic tile patterns. So contact us or stop into one of our Country Floors showrooms. It will be our pleasure to share our professional experience with you.

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