Colorful Bathroom Designs

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Colorful Bathroom Designs
Chiaro Glass Collection

We often consider our design ideas and subsequent plans by taking a room-by-room approach. There is certainly a logic to this when many spaces are involved, for example, in a new construction scenario. It is also fundamentally necessary for renovation situations. So here, on the first day of winter, let’s brighten things up and take a look at a few ideas for creating colorful bathroom designs.

Colorful Bathroom Design
Riva del Mar Glass Collection

Recently, Architectural Digest discussed some aspects of bathroom design. Here is a small part of that: “White may be the most popular (and perhaps safest) choice when it comes to bathroom colors, but it certainly isn’t the only option. Bright and bold shades can add life—and major style—to a bath, whether you use strategic pops of color or add an entire rainbow’s worth.” Country Floors feels that we sit in a very enviable position to help any of our clients in the providing of both vision and product in order to achieve almost any version of colorful bathroom designs.

At the top of this post is a collage featuring imagery from our Chiarro Glass Collection. Next, please take a look at a colorful expression in a bath setting using our Riva Del Mar glass pebbles. These are but a few small examples of what Country Floors can deliver when the design task is to add color to a bathroom. We have a nice footprint of showroom marble store locations where our design professionals can point out even more fine options. Thanks for reading!


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