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Gray meanders across our consciousness like a color that is looking for a friend. If colors were people and had dating sites such as then Gray might be a shy but reliable individual seeking a more primal mate. The well-respected color psychologist, Ms. Angela Wright, via her website Colour Affects, tells us that there are eleven emotional colors and that gray is “psychologically neutral”. Fair enough, and well-said since it carries just such a connotation in many design plans. Perhaps we can focus for a moment on gray wood look tile.

Porcelain tile

Our Boise Porcelain Tile Collection is designed for a contemporary lifestyle that is emblematic of comfort, modern design, and convenience. As much as possible, given that this is a wood visual, a fairly clean Minimalist approach is presented. We would like to think that this provides a canvas on which to paint your design plan especially if it calls for gray wood look tile.

This is a highly improvisational visual and the design approaches that can be taken with it are far too many to be confined to this post. In fact, new interpretations evolve constantly. We hope that this is a fine example of what Country Floors can offer when presented with a design challenge.  We have a nice group of showroom locations where our design professionals are there to help Gray find a friend. Thanks for reading!

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