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Shape. Texture. Tile. These three words, meld together to provide the homeowner and designer with interesting options in terms of both visual appeal and practical usability. In fact, the essence of combining shape and texture, using tile as your medium of choice, creates a real sense of organically derived pattern. The use of patterns in interior design plans is all too au courant.

Baba Chic Collection

To the idea and importance of texture, the ubiquitous site Apartment Therapy once offered its readers ten ways to add it to a room. One of those ways was the tile shape and they observed that “small variations in tone make these tiles textural”.  Interestingly, please note the subtle textural and tonal differences in our Baba Chic Collection above. While the facial dimensions are fairly typical, the overall result is relatively complex.

The images above and below provide an excellent appreciation of the power of texture. As a part of the Country Floors’ Leathered Stone Tiles, these stone tiles unite unique textures with simple shapes. Form and texture are realized in a unified fashion suitable for luxury modern interiors.

These are but a few ideas on the three words: shape texture tile. We offer a nice selection of tile showroom locations where our design professionals can provide more fine options. Thanks for reading!

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