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Contemporary Country Stone

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A design plan that incorporates Contemporary Country Stone design is a very flexible plan. Natural stone offers a very neutral background on which personal tastes can be painted. Let’s talk a about that for a moment.

Contemporary Country Stone
Neptune White Marble

We should discuss three significant assets that natural stone brings to the design team.

Color: We all know that the range of color options available in natural stone is nearly unlimited. However, let’s stick to colorways that maintain the neutral canvas that we discussed earlier. There are all varieties of white, beige and gray that can be accessed. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to blend white/gray, beige/gray, and other combinations within the range of colors existing in one stone.

Texture: The three most common natural stone finishes are polished, honed, and textured. Almost everyone is familiar with the highly reflective polished finish and the elegance it connotes. The honed finish is essentially a matte surface that tends to be more relaxed in appearance. Textured stone may appear as a sand-blasted finish or have a slightly “leathered” appearance.

Scale: Now imagine the scale that cut to size stone slabs can bring to any space, be it commercial or residential. Also, you can select larger pieces of stone tile that create a monolithic visual due to the almost non-existent joints. Lastly, note the contrasting scales below. The mosaics are juxtaposed against the larger tile with a molding piece in between.

Avenza Marble

We hope this helps you realize what natural stone can do to enhance a country ambience. Thanks for reading!

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