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Our Cellini Stone Mosaics pay a degree of artistic homage to the great Italian artist Benvenuto Cellini. The Florentine master is very closely associated with “Mannerism”, a style that emerged in Europe around 1520 and lasted until the end of that century.

Cellini Stone Mosaics
Benvenuto Cellini

The National Gallery of Art tells us this about “Mannerism.” “The term mannerism…is derived from the Italian maniera, meaning simply ‘style,’ mannerism is sometimes defined as the ‘stylish style’ for its emphasis on self-conscious artifice over realistic depiction”.

Country Floors has a long history of associating products with cultural data points and we hope this is another example. As you can see at the top of our post, and immediately below, this mosaic collection focuses on geometric visuals.


This product incorporates both limestone and marble. The spirit of Benvenuto Cellini was expressed by his wide range of artistic talents. We believe this collection is in keeping with that spirit. Thanks for reading!

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