Designing with Blue Tiles

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The professional designer and the fashion-forward homeowner can expect quite a few benefits when Designing with Blue Tiles. Why not chat about how Country Floors feels about that today? Here we go.

At the top of this post, you see our Bella Muro ceramic tile collection. The thing you get when designing with blue tile is the rich, evocative, and versatile color that is blue. This is a color that can be a feature, an accent, and a mood statement. Ok, so this benefit was a fairly obvious one. Next up!

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 Miradouro Portuguese Tile Collection

Blue tiles will also offer a certain bespoke context. For example, azulejos are well known in design circles for lending a Mediterranean-Iberian ambiance to a design plan. Immediately above is an image from our Miradouro Portuguese tile collection. A subtle blue and white presentation. It represents Mediterranean tile in the best way.

A few more elements that come with blue tiles are bucolic-painted scenes. The famous Dutch village of Delft has long been known for this style, as you can see below.

The moral of the story here is the unique ability of blue ceramic tiles to produce a pleasing, esoteric design outcome. Thanks for reading.

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