Design Your Own Ceramic Tiles With Our Custom Mural Service

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If you want to bring your own custom design to life, our Country Floors Custom Mural Service has you covered. Our custom murals are printed from your custom pattern, design, colorways, or photographs onto a selection of bisque tiles.

Below, we explore our much-loved Custom Mural Service in more detail.

What is the Custom Mural Service?

custom wall murals

Our Custom Mural Service makes it possible to design your own ceramic tiles. Whether you want to print a pattern, design, or selection of photographs, you can do so with Country Floors Murals. Once you have sent us your design, it will be printed onto the bisque tiles of your choice. The Bisque Collection includes matte and polished ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta, so you can choose whichever material best suits your needs.

Why choose custom tiles?

Our custom ceramic tiles service can be used to bring a specific design or pattern to life in tile form. If you have a design in mind but cannot find it anywhere to purchase, you can make it yourself. Providing that you have a high-resolution image of your design, it can be printed onto your choice of bisque tiles ready for installation in your home or workspace. Custom tiles are perfect choices as wall tiles, they can be also used as floor tiles.

custom ceramic tiles

Custom murals are also ideal for merchandising. Work alongside a graphic designer to bring your product or service to life in mural form. As well as advertising your product or service, the custom mural will add attention to detail to your commercial interior.

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The murals are also popular for art installations. Whether you’re a photographer, painter, illustrator, or printmaker, your work is guaranteed to look fabulous installed on bisque tiles. With matte and polished ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta to choose from, you can choose the material that best suits your creation.

How Custom Mural Service Works?

The Country Floors Custom Mural Service is incredibly simple to use. All we need is a high-resolution image of your design. Ideally, this needs to be 360 dpi. Image sizes may vary depending on your design and the size of the mural, so get in touch with your local sales office for more information. The sales team can also help you find the right material and finish for your design and put together a custom quote for you.

custom wall murals

Tile sizes and usage

Custom mural tiles are available in a range of sizes and materials. The ceramic tiles come in 3″x6″, 3″x9″, 4″x12″, and 6″x6″. All of these are suitable for interior walls and low-traffic residential floors. The terracotta tiles come in 6″x6″. Also, they are only suitable for interior walls. The biggest tiles are the porcelain tiles, which come in 8″x8″. These are the most durable of the collection and are suitable for interior and exterior walls, floors, and pools.

All the listed materials are available in both glossy and matte finishes.

Tile SizesMaterialUsage
3″x6″Ceramic TileInterior walls – Low-traffic residential floors
3″x9″Ceramic TileInterior walls – Low-traffic residential floors
4″x12″Ceramic TileInterior walls – Low-traffic residential floors
6″x6″Ceramic TileInterior walls – Low-traffic residential floors
6″x6″Terracotta TileInterior walls
8″x8″Porcelain TileInterior/Exterior walls – Floors – Pools

Available Finishes: Glossy or Matte

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