Fall/Winter 2013 – Four Design Ideas for Right Now!

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Recently, while thinking about what Fall/Winter design has brought us, I found a very interesting post by Jo Ridout that inspired a few thoughts. So, here are four design ideas for right now!  

Say Hello to Shapes. We have already discussed in this space the diamond shape. Of course, elongated rectangles are now on the tips of many tongues in the fashion-forward design world. Now, let’s throw a few other shapes into the mix! How about pentagons, crosses, and bubbles from our Bedford Collection? There are some interesting design opportunities here that will enhance most design plans! 

Black and White Collections. Sure… I know this never goes away, but the fashion scene was seriously indulgent in its use of this timeless combination this year. Moreover, in speaking about 2013 four design ideas, the site Marie Claire goes beyond just black and white and cites monochrome style in general by telling us “For those who like things a little more black and white, classic monochrome styling is here to stay; at least for the next season anyway. They’ve always gone together, but will they ever go out of fashion? Not for a long time” Take a look below and you will see that our North Bay Collection puts an interesting spin on this using Cast Iron and Gloss White in ceramic tile.

Gray is the New Gray. This is said with tongue firmly in cheek…….but perhaps not so much! No question that gray is the neutral of the moment but gradations of gray can play all by themselves! Particularly when a few gray values are matched with white. Then gray is no longer so neutral. As you can see below, the new Country Floors glass collection Luminere suggests Feldspar, Smoky Quartz, and Charcoal to help populate your Gray world.

Bright and Bold. If these monochromatic thoughts and gray dreams don’t excite you too much, then maybe you should go for it! Make a bold statement with a strong splash of color. Recently, we discussed the Pantone Color of the Year – 2014, Radiant Orchid. There is not much doubt that this color value is both bright and bold. Should this be a little too much “statement” then consider, again from our Luminere Collection, Mango, Lime, and Lemon in a gently rippled glass, as shown below.

Many thanks again to Jo Ridout for the inspiration. She can also be found at APassionforHomes. We appreciate you reading this post and all the best. Country Floors has showrooms across the United States and now in Puerto Rico. Why not stop in and discuss what inspires you?

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