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Musing on what design trends may possibly be “in”,  versus those that will be “out” for 2019 is quite an exercise. Nevertheless, Country Floors sees itself as a thought leader in the interior design area, so here we go with Four Design Ideas 2019.

A wonderful writer named Lucia Tonelli gives us some great ideas to chew on with her take on the “ins” and “outs” for 2019. We will choose to focus on a few of Ms. Tonelli’s  “ins.” Take a peek:

Four Design Ideas 2019
Bella Muro Collection

1. Bold Walls. Easy for us to do since ceramic tile glazes come in a dizzying array of colorways.  Check out the striking red from our Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection immediately above.

Four Design Ideas 2019
Chez Monet Collection

2. Boldly Patterned Backsplashes. This is also quite simple for Country Floors given our long history in this space. We hope our Chez Monet Collection above attests to this idea quite nicely.

Four Design Ideas 2019
Basalto Stone

3. Bold Black Bathrooms. Whoa! This might not be for the proverbial faint of heart, but we will roll with Ms. Tonelli anyway. Basalto Stone above could be a subtle idea here.

4. Warmer and Darker Countertops. This one seems to make sense as the pendulum swings away from colder materials in both the kitchen and the bath.

We hope these Four Design Ideas 2019 lead the way into 2019. Thanks for reading.

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