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Paint companies help drive color trends whether those of us in the tile and stone industry like it or not. After all, paint is a flexible finish that can be easily replaced if you have a yikes moment; then need a quick swap out. Sherwin Williams announced Cavern Clay as its color of the year for 2019. Take a look below.

Cavern clay

This is a very interesting color for Country Floors given our long-time relationship with clay in the form of terracotta. Terracotta can loosely be designed as “cooked earth” which for centuries has yielded tile, urns, pots, etc.

In the here and now, take a look at our Cotto Mielo at the top of this post as an example of a lighter version of terracotta, Cavern Clay. If this particular paint vendor is on the mark, then clay-type color values may be trending this year. Come in and see some of our very authentic versions.

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