Designer Interview: An elegant yet understated kitchen with a current and classic look.

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We are kicking off 2019 with a new designer interview. This time we got a chance to catch up with the talented Bryan Frost from Black Awning. Bryan Frost is the founder of Black Awning, and specializes in designing and decorating historic homes in, and around Omaha, Nebraska.

Whether designing a space for a client, shopping for treasures at flea markets, or drawing up plans for a remodel, Bryan relies on his years of experience and instinct to make every space feel unique and intentional.

What inspired you to become an interior designer and what currently inspires you and is influencing your work?
I always had a desire to design. I loved watching interior design and staging shows as a kid, such as Candis Olsen and Trading Spaces. I always admired the way these professionals could transform a space. My dad was also a contractor. He taught me how to use power tools and how to restore furniture. I decided to pursue design on a professional level majoring in Interior Design at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where I received my bachelors.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m madly in love with mid-century and earthy bohemian spaces. I enjoy using design to express my creativity while finding organized and visually pleasing solutions for my client’s spaces. Using my client’s lives and stories as inspiration, I build unique spaces and treat every project as if it were going in my own home. I believe design should be curated by infusing the past with future hopes and aspirations. To me, a well-designed interior unites a peaceful setting with a realm of relation and organization. My open-minded attitude towards design has allowed my pallet to grow, to appreciate new artistic styles and period design. I enjoy making ordinary things beautiful.

When designing a home, what is your favorite room?
My favorite room of a house is the Kitchen. It’s the heart of the home. As a kid I have fond memories of being in the kitchen around good mid-west cooking. My grandma’s jadeite green kitchen and 50’s floral wallpapers will be forever associated etched in my mind. A kitchen should be practical, beautiful, and memorable.

What was the source of inspiration for this project?
The home’s architecture is a modern 1970s era home with a nod to Spanish design elements. I found inspiration in the classic Spanish geometric motifs and materials seen in the home. The selections included a new wood floor, rattan accents, marble tile and counters, and antiqued brass hardware. Walls and exterior cabinets are a clean white in keeping of the home’s bright and airy demeanor.  Material’s were selected to be timeless, not trendy.

What where the key aspects for consideration when choosing our Talya Collection for your client?
The design and material is timeless. So many of the trends come and go, but marble is alway here to stay. I loved incorporating a marble with stunning geometric design. The marble’s variation in tone and richness allowed me to pair rich natural neutrals of grays and brown harmoniously.  Marble is the perfect neutral; it literally goes with EVERY color and lives classic in all eras.

How would you describe the end result?

Is it cheesy to say breath taking? Seriously, it exceeded my expectations. Elegant yet unstated. It’s feels current and classic.

What are your favorite materials or textures?

Marble is always a favorite material. It’s used and integrated into every design style and never dates a space. My guilty pleasure material of 2018 is rattan. It’s very 90’s “Golden Girl’s” and I will more than likely regret using it in 10 years, but trends should be fun. My tip: use trends in pieces and accessories that are easy to change out.

Is there a design rule that you like to break?
Rugs in Kitchens! This is 2019, some rules are meant to be broken. A rug is a great way to embrace a trend for the moment without the commitment of a permanent finish, like tile or wallpaper. I love to change out my rugs for the seasons, it’s a great way to add a soft texture and color in a kitchen.
Is there a design trend that really stood out to you in 2018 and what do you think are the design trends for 2019?
So many trends came into play for me in 2018. I love the use of rattan and wicker, plants, cement tiles, and bohemian feels. I love the addition of plants in all spaces. Brass hardware is another material I leaned into. I really want the trend of terrazzo to take again. (Waiting for a beautiful stone composite terrazzo tile in 2019 Country Floors. 😉 ) I’m also predicting the use of chrome to be the new metal to trend next.
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