What is Authentic Terracotta?

Authentic Terracotta
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Country Floors has over fifty years of experience in the sublime world of luxury tile, stone, terracotta tiles, and glass. The question of What Authentic Terracotta is relatively constant. So let’s go ahead and talk about this for a moment or two.

A general, but simplistic, definition of terracotta is sensibly stated as “baked earth.” Think about the adobe shelters favored by the indigenous population in the American Southwest. These dwellings were created by, in most cases, the mixing of clay, water, and perhaps straw. This was then formed into a brick-like shape and dried in the sun. A modern version is shown below.

Authentic Terracotta

There is also the long legacy of terracotta as a sculptural medium that forms vases, cups, urns, and figurines. Please take a look below at the legendary Chinese Terracotta Warriors as examples of this type of terracotta composition.

So what makes for Authentic Terracotta? Typically you must find clay, water, and heat in the production process. Maybe the clay is from Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, or some other national region. That clay might be a very red color, a blondish tone, a rust brown, or another color value altogether. The heat can be provided by the sun or by a kiln. This is the formula for authenticity and our formula as a terracotta vendor.

At the very top of this post, and immediately below, are images from our Pedralbes Collection. Named for the well-known district in Greater Barcelona, this product offers unique color values, interesting shapes, and conversation-starting finishes.

Authentic Terracotta
Pedralbes Collection

We hope this brief post has added some value and thanks for reading!

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