How to Choose the Best Zellige Tiles for Your Home

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Here is your ultimate guide to choosing Zellige tiles for your home. Moroccan Zellige tile is exclusive and adds a touch to spaces that cannot be mimicked by other types of materials.

If you are not familiar with the origins of Zellige tile or its benefits, then you have come to the right place. Read this guide to become an expert on these exquisite tiles in no time.

What Are Zellige Tiles?

zellige tiles morocco
Vert Menthe Zellige Tile by Country Floors.

Zellige tiles are a specialty type of terracotta tile that originated in Morocco as far back as the 10th century. The fact that Zellige tile is exclusive to Morocco makes Zellige tile a very unique and rare variety that cannot be found easily.

Zellige tiles, like other varieties of terracotta, are composed of a clay blend that is fired and glazed to produce tiles that appear shiny and slightly textured.

Zellige tile mosaics are often very colorful and detailed, showcasing the skill of the origins crafters. The handmade aspect of Zellige results in tiles with natural irregularities that make each tile one-of-a-kind.

What are the Pros of Zellige Tiles?

A main benefit of Zellige tiles is their versatility and striking visual beauty. Zellige tiles have a handcrafted appeal that is magnified by their gleaming surface and vivid color variations. You will find that Zellige tiles are a perfect blend of elegance and rustic charm.

What are the Cons of Zellige Tiles?

Zellige tiles are not as durable or hardwearing as other tile options, like natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Therefore, we do not recommend installing Zellige tiles on high-traffic flooring areas. However, they are perfect for light-traffic flooring installations and all interior wall installations.

If you want a tile that’s less high maintenance and more affordable, a Zellige tile look-alike is polished ceramic tile. It mimics the beauty of authentic Zellige while providing the durability of hardwearing ceramic.

How to Choose the Best Zellige Tiles for Your Home

Choosing to use a Zellige tile backsplash or Zellige bathroom tile are great ways to incorporate this rare material into your home’s design. Learn how to select and care for this beautiful tile so it can last for years once installed. Here are some factors to consider:


green zellige tile

As with any home makeover or renovation, color is a high-priority factor. The color of your Zellige tile is important because it will determine the final result of your room’s transformation.

If you love bold shades, then black Zellige tiles, green Zellige tiles, or red Zellige tiles can bring a vivid pop of color to your bathroom or kitchen.

When installing Zellige tile in the bathroom, white Zellige tile is wildly popular for a clean look. If you want to add an artistic flair to your home, a colorful Moroccan Zellige accent tile in the bedroom or living room would also be a beautiful choice.


white zellige tile

Zellige tiles, like other tiles, can be purchased in different shapes. As you narrow down your choice for Zellige tiles, expect to come across tiles in dynamic shapes. Most commonly, you will find Moroccan Zellige tiles in a square shape. However, hexagons, stars, chevrons, and triangles are also available.


It’s important to carefully choose the size of your Zellige tile depending on the installation area. Small-format Zellige tiles are popular for kitchen backsplashes, while large-format Zellige tiles work well for bathroom floors.

Common Zellige tiles include 4×4 Zellige tiles, 2×6 Bejmat (or subway Zellige tile), smaller 2×2 square Zelloge tiles, and 3.5×4 hexagon-shaped Zellige tiles.

Traditionally, zellige tiles were meant to be laid along walls and flooring that receives light foot traffic. Many homes in Morocco have kitchens and bathrooms that are covered in beautiful Zellige because the material holds up well in high-impact spaces.


zellige tile shower

Zellige tile spells nearly endless pattern possibilities, so you can go as simple or as detailed as you desire. The pattern you select should complement the other aspects of your design. If you’re at all overwhelmed, a simple monochrome application in 4×4 or 2×6 will look stunning.

Traditionally, Zellige mosaic tiles in Morocco were laid in an array of stunning geometric patterns and vibrant colors. In the US today, the trend has been to go for a monochrome square Zellige tile look. However, the level of intricacy and design you desire is up to you!

How to Care for Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles require sealing to prevent wearing, shipping, and stains. If your Zellige tiles are properly sealed, they will require very minimal maintenance over time.

Zellige tile shower walls and Zellige tile backsplashes will need to be cleaned with a tile-safe soap and a soft textured sponge or cloth. This combination will help you properly remove dirt, grime, and debris from the uneven surface of the tile.


zellige tiles kitchen
Oukaimeden Glossy Zellige Tile by Country Floors.
white zellige tile backsplash
Blanc Niege Glossy Zellige Tile by Country Floors.

Is Zellige tile expensive?

Zellige tiles tend to be pricier than other clay-based tiles. On average, you can anticipate spending about $18 to $20 per square foot on high-quality Zellige tile.

Do you have to use grout with Zellige tile?

Yes, grout is used in Zellige tile installation. However, the traditional method for laying the tile requires minimal usage of grout because the tiles are laid edge to edge for a more uniform appearance. If you prefer to showcase a design with more spacing, then grout will be used to fill in the spaces and provide cohesion to the design.

Is Zellige tile good for a backsplash?

Yes, Zellige tile can be applied in stunning patterns for both bathroom backsplashes and kitchen backsplashes. Zellige tile backsplashes have adorned the homes of Moroccans for centuries, and their appeal still resonates with homeowners who want a rustic look that is also uniquely elegant.

Do you have to soak Zellige tiles?

Upon installation, it is recommended to soak glazed Zellige tile for 1-2 minutes in water. Soaking unglazed tile is not recommended because it will absorb the water and compromise the tile’s durability.

Is Zellige tile good for showers?

Have you ever seen shower walls lined in Zellige tile? They are gorgeous! You can definitely install Zellige tile in showers. White Zellige tiles, beige Zellige tiles, and blue Zellige tiles are calming choices.

Can you use Zellige tiles in the bathroom?

Yes, Zellige tile can be used in the bathroom to cover flooring and walls.

Does Zellige tile stain?

Sealed and glazed Zellige tiles are stain resistant, so you can rest assured that they will not accumulate ugly discoloration over time. Unglaze tiles can stain, so it’s best to have them sealed for protection.

Is groutless tile a good idea?

Groutless tile may appear better in some applications; however, if you want your tile to last as long as possible grout is necessary. Groutless tile is more prone to chipping, lifting, and breaking leading to higher maintenance and expense in the long run.

Do Zellige tiles need spacers?

Spacers for Zellige tiles are not required, especially if the tiles are laid using traditional methods. If you prefer tiles in a design that has more spacing, then we recommend not exceeding 1mm to keep your design uniform. Zellige tile looks best when placed close together where the gleam of the surfacing is consistent.

Final Thoughts

zellige tile bathroom
Natural Matte Zellige Tile by Country Floors.

Zellige tiles are stylish and trendy tile that looks incredible in homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. However, zellige tiles do require careful research and planning to ensure they are installed in the right way and in the right place.

For a full selection, browse our collection of Zellige tiles online.

Oukaimeden Glossy Zellige Tile 4x4

Oukaimeden Glossy Zellige Tile

Vert Imperial Glossy Zellige Tile 4x4

Vert Imperial Glossy Zellige Tile

Noir Glossy Zellige Tile 4x4

Noir Glossy Zellige Tile

Blanc Niege Glossy Zellige Tile 4x4

Blanc Niege Glossy Zellige Tile

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