Balcony Tile Ideas You Will Love

balcony tile ideas
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Many homeowners tend to overlook balcony design when they are planning to make changes around the house. Thankfully we know that a balcony can be transformed into a wonderful entertainment area or a place of peace and tranquility with the right tile or flooring. Balcony tiles are a very easy way to give your outdoor space a major makeover.

We have included six tile ideas for the balcony that will leave you floored – pun intended. The best part about these tile ideas is that they include ideas that will work no matter the size of your balcony. We also focus on balcony tile ideas that will be suitable in multiple climates, so you can enjoy your newly designed space season after season.

Wooden Tiles for the Balcony

wooden tiles for balcony

Wooden tiles for balconies are lovely because they provide an indoor feel in an outdoor space. Wood always serves as a neutral backdrop that looks good against patio furniture so you can furnish your patio and what you desire. When it comes to installing wooden balcony tiles, it’s recommended to go with light shades to keep your balcony from looking small.

Plastic Balcony Tiles

balcony floor tiles

Plastic tiles for the balcony may sound scary, but they are actually great options for outdoor decking tiles. A type of interlocking tile, plastic balcony tiles allow for simple application.

We can assure you that plastic decking will not look cheap. In fact, you can find plastic deck tiles in patterns, and colors that will rival some of the most coveted natural materials. Whether you like the look of geometric tile or want a tile that mimics wood, there is a style of plastic balcony tile that will suit your space.

Elevation Tiles Your Balcony

outdoor balcony tiles
Ledger Stone Collection by Country Floors.

Elevation balcony tiles are excellent options for balcony wall tile. They are a style of tile that is designed to mimic the look of a rock face, so you can achieve a rustic look on your balcony. This natural stone tile will add a touch of nature and transport you to the grandeur of the outdoors every time you step foot outside.

Our Ledger Stone Collection offers a wide range of elevation tiles suitable for the outdoors.

Natural Stone Balcony Tiles

balcony tiles ideas
Landscape Stone Collection by Country Floors.

If you want to go for a tile with gusto, then you can always opt for balcony wall tiles covered in natural stone. Your balcony walls will keep their integrity much longer when they are adorned in natural stone that will shield the foundation from environmental wear and tear. Some of the best options for natural stone are slate and granite. Keep in mind that outdoor natural stone tiles usually require regular re-sealing.

The Landscape Stone Collection has a selection of beautiful marble and travertine pavers perfect for balconies.

Porcelain Balcony Tiles

balcony wall tiles design
Telluride Porcelain Collection by Country Floors.

Porcelain balcony tiles are a popular choice due to their stylish look and durable qualities. Hardwearing and waterproof, porcelain tiles require less maintenance than natural stone or wood.

The Telluride Porcelain Collection and Piedra Norge Porcelain Collection offer sophisticated porcelain tiles for balconies that can be installed both indoors and outdoors for a seamless look.

Rubber Balcony Tiles

tiles for balcony floor

Rubber deck tiles for the balcony are great if your balcony is in a high-traffic area. It’s also nice if you have young children or pets because the material provides added slip protection.

These tiles are often referred to as interlocking balcony tiles because they snap together. Rubber balcony tiles can be assembled in a matter of minutes and they serve as the perfect cover for outdoor areas that may become unsightly due to wear and tear. Rubber balcony tiles come in various styles, too. Therefore, you can still have a wood-look patterned tile with the protection of rubber.

Floating Balcony Tiles

balcony tiles design

Floating balcony tiles are outdoor balcony tiles that interlock from side to side, but do not lock into the underlying base. Each tile sits on a tray that has a groove-and-tongue locking system that helps them connect to each other. If you are a designer that loves to DIY or are seeking an eco-friendly installation, then floating balcony tiles are a great option. Lastly, floating tiles are budget friendly so you can redesign your balcony without spending a fortune.

Which of these Stunning Balcony Styles is for You?

balcony tile flooring

We carefully selected each of these balcony tile ideas because they have a plethora of unique applications. Your outdoor space will look absolutely stunning all decked out in one of these balcony flooring styles as they are the latest and greatest. Let this be the year that you transform one of your home’s most treasured areas with a makeover that you will be proud of for years to come.

Browse our full collection of outdoor tiles for balconies online today.

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