Inspired By Nature, The Scape Ceramic Tile Collection

scape ceramic tile collection
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Introducing The Scape Ceramic Tile:

Inspired by the untameable majesty of the natural world, Country Floors are proud to announce our newest collaboration with renowned pattern creator Erin Adams. The Scape ceramic tile collection offers a gorgeous variety of ceramic tile shapes to create a wide range of tiling patterns for almost any room in the home. Yet, It brings a sense of the outside world to your interior. The Scape tiling is the perfect choice for a residential or commercial interior. It will place an emphasis on the simultaneous power and simplicity of weather phenomena.

Ceramic tiling, thanks to its durability, is a good wall tile choice for any high-traffic space. Owing to centuries of trial and error by interior designers, we know it really thrives in the kitchen or bathroom. The Scape wall tiling collection provides an extra paradigm of texture in a room with very little effort. Thanks to the incorporated matte tile finish. The rich blues and grays that take center stage in these particular ceramic patterned tiles provide a comforting atmosphere. These tiles will match perfectly with monochromatic fixtures. The patterned wall tile will be perfectly complemented by a simple yet stunning floor tile. You can browse the full range of ceramic tiles. The rectangular and chevron-shaped tiles provide an opportunity to personify an area. They are suitable for any and all vertical applications.

Meet Your Designer

One of the most revered tiling designers in the country, Erin Adams has been creating unique tile patterns since the early 1990s. She is a great believer in artistic innovation. Thus, she has been hailed by interior designers and product designers alike for her work, especially where creating tile mosaic patterns is concerned. Among her many clients are Versace, Donna Karan, André Balazs, and Katie Ford, to name only a few. It’s safe to say that when it comes to ceramic patterned tiling, Erin Adams is one of the best.


It should come as no surprise then, that we are honored to be able to offer Erin’s work in the form of the Scape ceramic tiling collection. The exclusive collaboration with Country Floors, in which you will find some wonderful interpretative patterning work, incorporates relaxing cloud patterns. Each of these patterns was influenced by the wonder of mother nature and the inherent beauty of our everyday surroundings that we tend to overlook.

For use when tiling whole walls with natural stone, or for creating smaller eye-catching accent points within a room, the Scape ceramic tiling collection is versatile in application. Because of that, It provides a neutral backdrop for more modern, laid-back, and clean interior styling.

Peruse the other collections designed by Erin. Below you can find out more about the individual designs available in the Scape patterned wall tile collection. Get a closer look at the inspiration behind the tiles.

The Collection


Despite its name, the sweeping brush strokes that paint this particular ceramic wall tile conjure images from throughout nature. The sea and the sky both bring an atmosphere of tranquility to whichever room is lucky enough to be donned with these particular matte stone wall tiles.

scape ceramic - the mist

The mist tile, however, is unmistakable thanks to its stunningly full, blue coloring. Blue ceramic tiles in such a wonderful design as this are hard to come by. Thus they can truly give your home an edge when used to create a unique decorative placement, which will take very little effort. 


The Storm tile is perhaps the more moody of the two. It plays with the full range of monochromatic tones to create gorgeous darkened waves. The unique nature of each patterned wall tile available in the Country Floors collection means that irregular, asymmetrical, and undeniably eye-catching patterns are easy to create, truly living up to their stormy inspiration.

For a bolder statement that will provide the perfect match for a darker interior or black floor tile, leather or metal fixtures, and a professional or suave style, the Storm ceramic patterned tile is the best choice.

Shop the Full Collection

You can view the full collection of Scape matte ceramic wall tiles available on our site. If you need any guidance on how and where to use these designer ceramic tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate. Please get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. We can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ceramic tiling interior.

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