Joanna Gaines & Trending Color

Joanna Gaines & Trending Color
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No matter what aspect of interior design you are involved in, Joanna Gaines has become an undeniable influence. The professional designer dealing with their homeowner client may very likely be the second-hand recipient of this influence. The homeowners that are taking a more DIY approach are even more susceptible. Vendors such as Country Floors will naturally respond to clients that may have seen Ms. Gaines and grabbed an idea or two. None of this is meant to throw shade. In fact, the more solid information a consumer has the better for vendors like Country Floors. That being said, let’s take a look at Joanna Gaines & Trending Color.

Recently in Cyndy Aldred wrote that  “When it comes to interior design and color, Joanna Gaines continues to inspire. Whether choosing the perfect paint colors for another amazing home transformation on Fixer Upper or nailing just the right hue for her Magnolia Home paint line, Joanna has an eye for color and style. But what shades excite her as we head into a new year? We spoke with Joanna to find out what colors are on her radar for 2018 and how to incorporate them into your home”.

Joanna Gaines & Trending Color

Pastels Are Useful

Pastels are certainly not new to the scene but Ms. Gaines has her own take on them as seen above.  “Delicate muted pinks, blues, and yellows evoke a comfortable feeling when paired with warm neutrals and soft textures”.

Joanna Gaines & Trending Color

Now we can take a peak at a few random ideas and quotes from Joanna:


“Yellows, browns, and greens feel like home to me. Earth tones pair so well with fresh florals and rustic accents”.


“I’m drawn to deep, moody hues right now, especially blues and greens.

Bold Statements

People often associate my style with whites, grays and neutrals, but I also really appreciate bold statement colors that can add energy and life to a room.

Joanna Gaines & Trending Color

The goal of this post is not solely to acknowledge the influence of Joanna Gaines. Rather, we want to illustrate the continued commitment of the  Country Floors brand to maintaining a firm, current understanding of color trends as they develop. That being said, we offer our Luminere Glass Collection as shown above. Luminere is not offered to copy the colors of Ms. Gaines but to illustrate our ability to deliver feature colors, accent colors, and purely supporting colors.

We currently have a nice selection of showroom locations where our design professionals can provide help and inspiration. Thanks for reading! Also, please take a look at our Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles and Classic Portuguese Blue Tiles, thanks again.


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