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Mustard Yellow Color Trend

Mustard Yellow Color Trend
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It seems safe to say that we are seeing a Mustard Yellow Color Trend. Checking out a few things on the European scene, John Lewis & Partners in the UK certainly thinks so. “Mustard hues have been the go-to shade over the warmer months in our homes. No longer content with smaller pops of mustard, we are seeing a move towards larger investment pieces of furniture which add a bold, refreshing burst of color to our living spaces.”  Explained Melanie Archer, Colour, Material, and Finish designer there. Take a peek at their version of mustard above.

Mustard Yellow Color Trend
via Italian Bark

In Milan, the very cool site Italian Bark poses a question: “What it is that makes us go mad for mustard? This is possibly because it gives a wonderful warm aura in the summer, reflective and reminiscent of sunny days. Whilst remaining perfectly cozy and comforting in the cool winter months. Mustard Yellow as the name suggests is bright, perfect for those who appreciate color yet have a touch of sophistication with the delightful dose of respectable mustard. A dark yellow, that is softer on the eye than vivid yellow. If mustard is your favorite color it may suggest you have a desire for creativity and uniqueness.”  Check out their version of this color value above.




On this side of the Atlantic, Southern Living agrees, as you can see above, that Mustard is here as a paint color, at the very least. From their perspective, “After several years of an (Instagram-fueled) obsession with bright white walls, it looks like we are finally ready to embrace rich, bold colors again. We’re still opting for light neutrals when necessary—greys, taupes, creams, and pastels—but we’re going to be reaching for shades that have a bit more life and saturation to them, even if it’s toned down. One color that perhaps surprisingly popped up in almost every 2019 trend report is mustard yellow.”

OK. You are probably aware of where Mustard is in design plans today! Design professionals also recognize that a color like this one typically is paired with neutral colors in durable longer lasting finishes such as tile and stone. That is where Country Floors comes in. Styles come and go and so shall the Mustard Yellow Color Trend. Our brand offers design teams, and their clients, the chance to work with Mustard and almost any neutral you can imagine. We have locations around the U.S. and the Caribbean where design professionals are available to help incorporate any color you have in mind into a real-world project! Thanks for reading.

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