New Temple Brick Collection

temple brick collection
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Inspired by the well-known masonry brick form, our new Temple Brick Collection brings the illusion of structure, strength, and durability to any commercial or residential interior wall covering.

Temple Brick Collection features the speckled surface of a brick, covered with a ceramic finish. The bold, bright, and beautiful tiles are available in 20 selected colors and are a perfect option for a refreshing decorative facade.

Ideal as a wall accent, kitchen backsplash, or fireplace decor, this collection is an excellent addition to Country Floors’ limitless tile selections.

Country Floors is an iconic brand that has always transcended the mediums of ceramic tile, glass tile, stone tile, and terracotta tile. A brand that is, first and foremost, a thought leader for the entire interior design art. We have showrooms across America where the language of good design is spoken with distinct fluency

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