Rustic, Historic And Chic Our Reclaimed Terracotta

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To give our new Reclaimed Terracotta Collection the attention it deserves, let’s take a step back and refresh on what Terracotta really is.

Terracotta, ( also terra cotta or terra –cotta) with a literal translation of “baked earth” is a clay based, glazed or unglazed ceramic.

Each Terracotta tile is formed by hand to it’s desired shape and then dried. Once dried, the Terracotta tile undergoes a 1000 C/ 1832 F firing process. Depending on the iron content of the material, the color of each terracotta tile can range from dark brown, yellow, red, or orange to even pink and grey shades.

The origins of terracotta are found in southern Europe (Italy, France and Spain are all synonymous with the form) but also in Mexico and California.

Historically, terracotta has been used for sculpture and pottery as well as for basic bricks and general construction.

Country Floors is known as a supplier of beautiful tile and marble from central Europe and is proud to present our new Reclaimed Terracotta Collection. This collection features antique reclaimed terracotta floor tiles from central Europe dating from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and range from 100 to 200 years old.

Each of our tile is salvaged from farmhouses and buildings of historical interest in central Europe.  Every single tile has been hand recovered, hand cleaned and hand finished with detailed care and appreciation for its previous use and origins.

Our unique tiles are available in different shapes and have an incredible color range, from red and pink to peach and ochre.

The most popular shapes are rectangular, hexagonal, parquet and square tiles.

Our reclaimed terracotta tiles are ideal for foyers, living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, wine cellars and kitchens and a perfect match for heated flooring to keep your feet feeling toasty.

Please keep in mind; reclaimed materials can vary significantly in size and color BUT will give your floors character and uniqueness and bring a rustic ambiance to your space.

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