Terracotta tile has been used outdoors in warm climates for over two thousand years. Terracotta tiles are traditional in many areas of the world. The warm red clay of a Spanish patio, the vibrant patterns of Moroccan tile, and the colorful designs of Talavera, Mexico are all made from terracotta.  Terracotta was brought by Spain to Mexico and California, where the hot, dry climate is perfect for tiled exteriors.

Natural terracotta is the material in it’s simplest form – solid, kiln-fired clay with a porous surface. The color of natural terracotta tile like our Cotto Mielo Collection comes from the clay itself. Colors can range from deep clay red to orange, apricot and brown. It can be left unglazed, or treated with a clear glaze for a more refined look. 

Glazes are added before firing to add color to terracotta’s surface. Solid glazed tiles add color and interest to larger surface areas.  Our Las Palmas Collection offers an impressive selection of shapes, sizes and colors for unlimited creative possibilities.

Depending on the density of the clay and how it’s fired, many terracotta tiles are suitable for use outdoors, and some are frost-resistant. They make a stylish surface around a pool, to cover garden steps, or surface walls and raised planters. Combining glazed and unglazed surfaces, and different tile shapes and sizes adds interest to an outdoor design. For modern outdoor spaces, terracotta tile adds color and warmth without excessive pattern.

In traditional style homes, terracotta makes an attractive surface for a concrete patio or porch. The natural variations in the clay add rich dimension and an antique effect. Check out our Reclaimed Terracotta Collection and add an air of history to a new home’s outdoor areas.  

Our beautiful terracotta tile can be used as accents on outdoor walkways, patios, and walls. For a splash of color and pattern explore our Pedralbes Collection, this collection can be used for stair risers or create a focal point by covering a garden feature like a bench or fountain.

Check out our new Tuscan Terracotta, this collection embodies the natural landscapes of the countryside of Italy with its olive groves and vineyards. This beautiful terracotta collection, features 6 rustic patterns all carefully textured to bring a piece of history to your home. This collection can be used for residential and commercial floor applications. Tuscan Terracotta can also be installed outdoors in a non-frost climate.​


Since terracotta tile can absorb moisture and might crack in freezing weather, please choose wisely according to your location and weather conditions.