Porcelain Wood Tile Pros and Cons

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When building your interior or renovating a previous one, the decisions that should be taken first are suitable floor tiles. Hardwood floors are desirable and sophisticated options, but they can be expensive. The wood flooring has no maintenance but can easily be damaged. Also, they can warp and expand, presenting uneven surfaces. The solutions to these issues are porcelain wood tiles! But let us explore all the pros and cons of wood-look tile flooring.

Porcelain Wood Tile Pros:

What are The Advantages of Using Porcelain Wood Tile?

Porcelain wood tiles are a popular flooring option for many home buyers and interior designers who want the warm natural warmth of wood at a lower cost than natural materials. Unlike wood flooring that shrinks and expands in hot and cold conditions and pet scratches, porcelain wood look tiles allow underfloor heating and do not expand like wood, which is excellent. Porcelain wood tile provides an elegant, easy-to-clean alternative offering many advantages compared to typical hardwood flooring.


What Are The Best Areas to Use Porcelain Wood Flooring?

Porcelain wood flooring is commonly installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and commercial settings, where regular wood flooring can be an issue with water contact and expansion. It is possible to install porcelain wood tile on any surface substrate, whether concrete, plywood, or existing hardwood. Flooring contractors might advise installing moisture barriers or vapor retardants to reduce water damage, depending on the area after inspection. Porcelain wood tile floors are strong and beautiful and the best solution for your home, where wood can create issues.

Are Porcelain Wood Tiles Durable?

The outstanding feature of porcelain wood look tiles is that they are highly durable. Traditional hardwoods have high levels of scratches but also water damage. Porcelain tiles have proven solid and worth putting in heavy traffic areas in a house or commercial setting. Also, Porcelain wood tile is not only resistant to daily use but can also withstand extreme water damage even with high moisture. Porcelain wood flooring may stay within the house for a long time when properly maintained. It should be considered regularly polished for the preservation of the tile.

What Styles and Options Are Available?

When porcelain materials came to this industry, there were limited styles available. In recent years tile designs have been changed through technological innovations. Wood floor tile replicates hand-crafted wood and high-quality wood floors used in homes and buildings worldwide. The effect of wood on the tiles’ surface gives incredible practicality in appearance and texture. This tile has many different textures as a manufactured tile and offers many uses due to its construction. 

At Country Floors, we offer a designer range of sophisticated crafted hardwood-like porcelain tiles from our Metro Wood Porcelain Collection, check these beautiful wood look tiles in sleek chevron designs from light neutral shades like Ivory Matte Porcelain Tile 8×48 and cool grey wood shades like Oxford Grey Matte Porcelain Tile 8×48 and dark wood shades like Taupe Matte Porcelain Tile 8×48. For those who like warm brown woods, you will love the Brown Matte Porcelain Tile 8×48.  Also, our Metro Wood Collection is a stylish option to create a natural atmosphere in your bathroom.

Brown Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Brown Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Oxford Grey Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Oxford Grey Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Taupe Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile 8x48

Taupe Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile


With superior slip resistance and eco-friendliness, these chevron wood porcelain tiles have so much durability apart from being the most sought-after, stylish wood-look porcelain tile for walls and floors for interior projects today. A great feature of this collection is the chevron shape, allowing for various tile pattern formations for walls and floors, which interior designers love when experimenting with tile surface layouts. 

Are Porcelain Wood Tiles Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Cleaning porcelain wood tile floors requires little equipment. Just sweep or vacuum if necessary. There’s no danger of water damage, so a mop and bucket will suffice. However, it is advised not to acid-based cleaning products or harsh scrubbing equipment because they may damage the surfaces.

wood floor  and wall tile

Are Porcelain Wood Tiles Kid and Pet Friendly?

Because porcelain tiles that look like wood are easily cleaned, they are an allergy-tolerant pet option too. It can be part of daily life for spills, odors, accidents, or scratches, making it worth considering porcelain wood tile flooring and wall tile as it is a kid and pet-friendly option. But because porcelain tile floors are incredibly resilient, they are the ideal solution for homes where children and pets live.

Does porcelain wood tile crack easily?

Porcelain wood tiles are an extremely tough flooring material and cannot be easily broken in high-traffic areas, which makes them an excellent choice for busy areas in the home: like halls, entranceways, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, home offices, kids playrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and commercial spaces. Wood floor tile doesn’t crack easily that’s why they are amazing options for high-traffic areas. 

Seagull Grey Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic 17x7 3/4

Seagull Grey Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic


Are Porcelain Wood Tiles Scratch Resistant?

Unlike natural wood flooring, wood-look porcelain tiles can go in any kitchen and even bathrooms and do not scratch easily or deteriorate quickly during foot traffic. Compared with marble tiles, ceramic tiles, and granite tiles, porcelain has one of the most challenging surfaces due to its high density and processing at heat-stripping pressure. Another benefit to porcelain tiles is the uniform color and pattern throughout the surface, allowing the removal of scratches that may occur.

Bamboue Natural Porcelain Tile

Are Porcelain Wood Tiles Expensive?

The outstanding feature of porcelain wood tiles is that they are less expensive than the woods they replicate and less costly to transport and install. When we think about wood floor tile, we should think of porcelain tile that looks like wood because they are more durable. In the market, there is also ceramic tile that looks like wood and they can be cheaper compared to porcelain tiles but it doesn’t worth it. Lighter in weight, they can be easily transported and stored and are cheaper to install than natural wood.

Slate Grey Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic 17x7 3/4

Slate Grey Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic


Wood Look Porcelain Tile Cons:

There are often no ideal materials for flooring tile in a house. The choice depends on many factors and design preferences. But like all options, porcelain wooden tiles have some downsides too, which may be worth considering:

Tabac Natural Porcelain Tile

Is Porcelain Wood Tile Slippery?

Some porcelain floor tiles have slippery surfaces when wet, so it is worth considering where you use them. Textured surfaces and non-slip tile options like we supply where there is a grain-like wood porcelain tile with a texture are less slippery when wet, but like all flooring, drying will be the best resolution to be no slip and sealants can help. Of course, it’s very important to properly take care of porcelain tiles. After the sealing process begins, the surface must be completely dry to protect and prevent scuffed surfaces. During mopping, you should allow the floor to dry thoroughly.

Nevertheless, you can still use porcelain tiles in areas that can get wet. For example, a wood-look kitchen tile floor is both practical and beautiful. Check product usage before buying because some of the porcelain tiles that look like wood can be used in wet areas like shower floors, and bathrooms but some of them can not. If you are looking for a nonslip floor tile idea, we have Best Nonslip Shower Tile Ideas for your bathroom and for your wet areas.


Is Porcelain Wood Tile Comfortable Under Foot?

It is worth considering that porcelain wood tiles are hard surfaces that feel colder than natural wood when touched beneath bare feet, especially on long walking walks or standing. A further concern has been its significant echo effect, unlike woods which emit noise. For the cold months, you can resolve this issue by laying underfloor heating beneath the wood porcelain tile flooring. Although this solution can be more timely and expensive for quick renovation projects, it’s worth it in the long run when you consider wooden floor tiles.

Nuage Natural Porcelain Tile

Final Thoughts

Porcelain wood tiles are a popular flooring option for many homeowners who want the aesthetic appearance of natural wood at a lower cost and are more practical than natural wood materials. When considering the environment and health of the home, porcelain wood tiles score higher with green credentials than wood flooring production, which impacts the Earth. The outstanding feature of our porcelain tile collection is that it has zero off-gassing, which is worth considering today’s health issues. Porcelain tile provides an elegant, easy-to-clean alternative offering many advantages compared to typical hardwood flooring. Explore the entire natural porcelain wood look tile collection.

Get in touch with our expert team at Country Floors. We will happily advise on the best stylish choices of wooden floor tiles for your interior design project and send samples to your door!

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