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Granite Backsplash Ideas: Choose The Right Granite

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To put it simply, granite backsplash ideas is highly practical and decorative. In addition to protecting against stains and food particles, the walls are protected by removing stains from food. Of course, other tiles, engineered stone, and porcelain mosaics are commonly used to build backsplashes and are also resistant to staining and easy to clean. However, nothing is quite as tough as granite when considering a natural stone surface.

Kitchen remodeling can take many different approaches. In most situations, granite backsplashes are cut out on the identical slab of your countertop. We have plenty of size and granite and backsplash ideas. Full granite backsplash can look very sophisticated. The look of kitchen granite countertops with backsplash in granite tile is very smart.

How to Choose a Granite Backsplash?

Kitchen granite backsplash ideas can seem limited. When selecting the backsplash, go for practical granite; you can go bigger or bolder, smaller or refined with granite backsplash tile. Check for the veins inside the granite to find one color to complement your kitchen color scheme: granite countertop and backsplash. We have a superb granite tile selection at Country Floors to choose from and granite countertops, of course.

Two-Toned Granite Tile Backsplash

To enhance the look of your granite backsplash, there are many different kinds of tiles that you can use together. Like the example above, black granite tiles are perfect for matching black granite countertops. Different finishes from flamed, honed, and polished give the granite tile a different hue from grey to black that is very unique. Look at our Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tiles in 12 x 12, which look great with grey cabinetry and are a beautiful combination for kitchens. Placed above the kitchen stove, the Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tiles in 24 x 24 in a larger format draws the eye upwards to produce the illusion of taller ceilings. These granite tile examples can be used to create a complete smart granite look, which is impressive. Black cabinetry with brassware can look very impressive and matches the granite accent tile colors perfectly that we offer.

Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tile


Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tile


Why Choose a Granite Backsplash?

The granite backsplash idea looks good. Installing granite backsplash can enhance granite’s high-quality appearance and functional advantages. It’s convenient to install granite backsplashes built on the same surface as those on granite countertops. If you are going for a smoother look tile look, then choose a honed granite tile for your backsplash in shades of grey and black, depending on the finish. Many folks opt for a honed granite tile with a consistent finish, like our Absolute Black Extra Honed 18 x 18, and if you like a very polished look, go for Absolute Black Extra Polished Granite Tile in 24 x 24 looks very sleek.

Absolute Black Extra Polished Granite Tile


How to Match Backsplash with Granite Countertops?

It’s an interesting question for those looking to renovate kitchens using granite countertops. Granite can be used in traditional and modern kitchen design systems as a beautiful stone. Available in many shapes and sizes, granite is the most attractive natural material for a kitchen and will be a favorite piece for your home. However, after finding that lovely slab, the backsplash tile should be chosen for your space. It’s probably a little tricky. Selecting a material that matches granite countertops’ can become difficult. There are endless options to experiment using black granite tile backsplash as an alternative material for that complete look. Black granite tile makes for the perfect backsplash tile material used in the kitchen or bathroom. Granite tile works with any kitchen design to provide traditional and modern kitchens. You might like the look of a rectangular tile installed in many pattern configurations from brick bond to herringbone, vertical or horizontally installed; it has excellent options for the interior designer who likes to experiment. Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tile 12 x 24 is the one to choose if that is the case, which comes in many different finishes for the look you desire for your space.

Absolute Black Extra Flamed Granite Tile


What are the Advantages of Granite Backsplash?

Granite is at the top of the list for kitchen wall surface materials and is part of the design process when considering the right kitchen tile for your backsplash. Granite backsplashes can typically be cut using the same slab as a granite countertop, allowing perfect matching. It is a very durable surface that can be cleaned easily using hot water and oil. Granite is more durable than ceramic tile backsplashes where dirt accumulates in grout lines. Granite offers an attractive backsplash and is incredibly easy to clean. 

Granite backsplash ideas make cleaning more manageable when contaminating your hands with dirt or other contaminants. Granite backsplash tile has many practical and design pros for your kitchen backsplash material. They’re undeniably stylish. Granite backsplashes are elegant and chic, especially when they blend perfectly with countertops. Granite backsplashes can perfectly protect the walls from food or grease without making your kitchen appear too much. A granite tile backsplash will be the best option if you need the kitchen to match your granite countertop. 

Absolute Black Extra Honed Granite Tile


Absolute Black Extra Polished Granite Tile


Absolute Black Extra Polished Granite Tile


Granite has been a standard surface for kitchen countertops and backsplashes for decades. They’re solid and durable. A granite kitchen backsplash will resist most types of damage encountered in your kitchen. Granite tile backsplash durability combines sleekness and modernity so that granite backsplash can be used on practically any kitchen layout. The granite backsplash will endure extreme heat, acid, and everyday wear and tear, so you won’t have the hassle of getting the tiles reinstalled.

What are the Disadvantages of Granite Backsplash?

Despite being an ideal kitchen backsplash for many kitchen types, granite backsplashes don’t have the ceramic tile backsplash’s varied color and design patterns. Popular ceramic tile, of course, is highly versatile, and it comes in numerous colors and forms with multiple formats, which many folks opt for with their backsplash tile. However, the Granite tile backsplash may seem too dark and heavy for some homeowners and interior designers, but it looks impressive. A granite tile backsplash can make kitchen lighting a consideration, but the darker tones can provide a fabulous ambiance in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Should I get a Granite Backsplash? Granite backsplash ideas designs have pros and cons; overall, they’re brilliant, and well-constructed backsplash designs created from 100% natural stone granite are resistant and non-porous. While granite backsplash tiles may appear expensive in small kitchens, they look elegant, timeless, durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. During installation, you must make sure it matches granite countertops for an integrated look for your home.

It is common in the kitchen, and decorating must fit your taste and lifestyle. Using granite backsplash in combination with granite countertops should complement your taste and complement your interior design and decor. Please feel free to experiment when selecting backsplash ideas. It will provide an inspiring and practical kitchen. Get in touch with our expert team at Country Floors today for your granite tile samples for your interior design project!

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