Tile Trends 2019: Bold Designs, Matte Finishes

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Color and pattern are taking over tile trends in 2019.

It’s no surprise that wood-plank tile designs continue to be strong sellers since they have the timeless appeal of wood, applicable on both floors and walls. Watch for warmer tones, rustic effects, and colorful finishes such as our Loft Porcelain Collection.

Loft Porcelain Collection

Neutrals Get Warmer, and Tiles Get Bigger in 2019:

Gray is still popular, but consumers are seeking out warmer neutrals like driftwood and cream. Matte finishes rule the day, desirable for their warmth and ability to hide water spots. Chevron, herringbone, and honeycomb patterns keep gaining in popularity. Check out our Dimensions Waterjet Collection!


Global Inspiration – Old-World Tile Designs

Our Pedralbes Collection is inspired by the beautiful terra cotta floors that are a part of the Monastery at Pedralbes, a 14th-century landmark in Barcelona, Spain. Each tile is made according to centuries-old traditional methods with carefully selected clays to ensure a high-quality terracotta.

Pedralbes Collection

Pattern, pattern, and more pattern:

While they’ve been a popular trend for several years now, Spanish and Moroccan tile designs aren’t going anywhere. Now that Americans have come to love patterned floors, look for these Old-World designs to appear in more spaces, and more colors, than ever before. Elaborately painted tiles are a thousand-year-old tradition in most of Europe and the Middle East, and we’ve only just begun to appreciate their character and timeless beauty here in the West.

Our newest addition Antiqued Tile Collection continues the long cultural tradition of applying the decorative element of glaze to a clay body. The carefully created patterns in this collection offer any design team the opportunity to make a timeless comment in any space.

2019 is definitely the year of color, pattern, and warmth coming back into the home after years of cool, gray minimalism. Designers are influenced by decor from all over the world – what inspires you? Level up your tile trends with Country Floors!

Antiqued Tile Collection
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