Property Brothers- Barcela Plus Collection

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Country Floors is happy to report that our wonderful Barcela Plus Collection was recently featured on the popular HGTV show “Property Brothers”. It brings us joy to be a part of this inspiring show making people’s dream homes come true and sharing inspiration for their next projects!

In the 11th episode of the 13th season, a newlywed couple is prepared to tackle their first renovation together, and the Property Brothers lead the search for a private, family-friendly property. The couples different design tastes led to some challenges, yet they ultimately come together to find a compromise between Bohemian style and Vegas hotel chic.

Our Barcela Plus Collection is a perfect choice if you are looking for a Bohemian style, that will go well with current modern interior design trends. This encaustic cement collection features a group of our favorite eclectic looks combined with trendy color combinations. If you are preferential to patterns but prefer to stay away from color, we suggest you check out our Barcela Collection, our very first encaustic tile that we added to our product offering, and it only features patterns in black and white.

Both of our collections are designed for interior wall or floor applications for residential or commercial spaces.

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