Transforming Your Bathroom Vanity with Tile Ideas

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Changing Your Bathroom Vanity with Tile Ideas

Bathroom vanity with tile

Are you ready to make a design change in your bathroom? Consider using bathroom vanity tiles. There are literally thousands of options for bathroom vanities. Today’s vanity designs available allow you to select from styles that reflect your personal style. Bringing an outdated vanity into the modern era with tile can save you thousands on purchasing a new one.

If you are not the crafty type, you can always get professionals to come in and transform your bathroom vanity. This option will likely be easier in terms of time and energy, but you will have to pay for installation. If you have the do-it-yourself spirit, you can DIY a tiled bathroom vanity top, or apply your own bathroom tile vanity backsplash. The process may take longer for you to complete than professionals, but a little upfront knowledge can help you get the job done.

Lilac marble bathroom tile and bathroom vanity

This brief guide illustrates stylish ways to transform your bathroom cabinet using tiles. You can opt to use tile backsplash for your bathroom vanity with bathroom vanity wall tiles for a simple upgrade. You can also look into tile flooring for your bathroom vanity. If you want to stick to transforming the vanity itself, then we also have suggestions for tiles for your vanity counters.

Read on to learn more about each of these fabulous vanity ideas, and how you can incorporate them into your own bathroom transformation.

Tile Backsplash Ideas for Bathroom Vanities


White diamante ceramic bathroom wall tiles

Using tile for vanity backsplash is a great way to infuse function and style. Your bathroom walls will take a lot of contact with water with daily use, so it’s best to use a material for the backsplash that will be hard-wearing. Using backsplash both prevents drywall damage and gives your vanity an easy-to-clean surface that will look amazing against its design.

Choices for a backsplash behind a bathroom vanity are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and natural stone each with its own unique look and features. Porcelain tiles are commonly used due to their ease of installation, durability, and low maintenance.

Aside from being great quality porcelain tiles also offer a large variety of colors and finishes, even prints that mimic other types of material. You can enjoy porcelain wall tiles that look like luxurious marble, and create rustic bathroom vanities using wood-look porcelain tiles.

Countertop Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

White tiles with bathroom vanity

Some of the best countertop tile ideas for vanities are classic shapes like squares and rectangles in soft or neutral shades. Colors such as white, gray, beige, and taupe are all nice for adding a natural look to bathrooms. Another bonus of these shades is the ability for them to grow as your style preferences change. Since most bathroom vanities with sinks are singular these colors also add dimension.

More bold shades can also be a nice option if you are into a more vivid aesthetic. Think vibrant green tiles, rich blue tiles, and bright oranges. These colors showcase a more daring sense of style and would make the perfect top tile for a bathroom vanity.

Flooring Tile Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

Green zellige tiles with bathroom vanity

When it comes to floor tiles for bathroom vanities the options are pretty much endless. You can go with simple tiles or go extremely extravagant and get a unique result. Again porcelain flooring is popular because of its low maintenance which will become a great benefit in the long run. Since bathrooms get lots of daily use, easy-to-clean tile flooring will be much easier to keep clean. With porcelain bathroom tile you can achieve a look that resembles granite, marble, and more without the hassle of expensive upkeep.

Small bathroom vanities and smaller bathrooms will look better with a mid-size tile. If you are interested in small bathroom ideas, we enjoy providing you with our blog. Larger styles like bathroom cabinets with double sinks can look chic with a range of tile sizes.

Here are a few popular flooring colors and styles:

Black and White

Black hexagon mosaic flooring tile

This bathroom has a black hexagon mosaic tile on the floor on full display. The tile takes center stage because the bathroom vanity has been removed.

Solid White

Green bathroom vanity with tiles

Solid white bathroom floor tiles work in bathrooms of all sizes. White adds a natural brightness that’s hard to top, and it’s a shade that goes seamlessly with everything. This wood grain double bathroom vanity looks totally chic floating over these large-format marble tiles or large-format porcelain tiles.


Gray porcelain tile with bathroom vanity

This open-concept bathroom vanity features a wooden shelf and a white sink. The color combination is perfect for this soft gray porcelain floor tile. Gray is a great alternative to white because it keeps spaces bright but adds a neutral hue.

Accent Tile Ideas for Bathroom Vanity Areas

An accent wall draws the eye and brings attention to the main area of a room. In a bathroom that area is usually the bathroom vanity because it holds the most visual real estate. If you want to upgrade the look of your space easily, placing an accent bathroom tile behind the vanity is a simple solution.

The accent tile is also great because it provides the same functionality as a bathroom vanity tile backsplash.


Ming green polished marble bathroom wall tile with vanity



Black and white ceramic bathroom wall tile with vanity

These black and white subway tiles add to the high-end glam of this bathroom’s floating brass vanity. The classic color combination would also look exquisite with a solid-colored vanity or a vanity in neutral wood.


White basket weave bathroom wall tile with vanity

A more fun way to add an accent wall is to use a heavily patterned wall tile behind the bathroom vanity. This marble basketweave mosaic tile is both luxurious and eye-catching.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Bathroom Vanity with Tile Inspirations

Knowing the techniques for updating your bathroom vanity tile comes in handy when you want to elevate your home’s aesthetic. There really is no shortage of fun ways to use tiles to make a custom bathroom cabinet that suits your bathroom and fits your storage needs.

Yellow black and white marble waterjet decos and bathroom vanity

Each of the above suggestions can be used to give your bathroom a complete makeover. You can also take one of these bathroom vanity design ideas and give your space a much-needed refresh. Either way, we hope that our vanity top and backsplash ideas inspire you to make some creative changes. Happy designing!

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